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Friday, November 18, 2005

Family Guy Filets FCC

The Family Guy, another satire driven animated show, by no means for kids under 17, is nailing the FCC for its overreaction.

Read and enjoy!

Here's the song lyrics to The Freakin FCC Song.

Family Guy FCC Song (jaunty, ala Rogers and Hammerstein)
They will clean up all your talking in a menace such as this
They will make you take a tinkle when you want to take a piss
And they’ll make you call fellatio a trouser friendly kiss

It’s the plain situation! There will be no negiotiation!
With the fellows at the freakin FCC!

They’re as stuffy as the stuffiest of the special interest groups…
Make a joke about your bowels and they order in the troops
Any baby with a brain could tell them everybody poops!

Take a tip, take a lesson! you’ll never win by messin’
With the fellas at the freakin’ FCC


And if you find yourself with some you sexy thing...
You’re gonna have to do her with your ding-a-ling…
cause you can’t say penis!

So they sent this little warning they’re prepared to do the worst
And they stuck it in your mailbox hoping you could be co-erced
I can think of quite another place they should have stuck it first!

They may just be neurotic, or possible psychotic
They’re the fellas at the freakin FCC!



  • At 6:32 AM, Blogger VodkaDiaries said…

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  • At 6:33 AM, Blogger VodkaDiaries said…

    I am very certain they say

    "They will clean up all your talking in a manner such as this"

    not mennace


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