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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Bill Clinton: Too few Americans Want to Get to Heaven

WTF? OK, too few of us want to just die and give up? Huh?


IN SEARCH OF A LEGACYClinton: Americans 'reluctant to get to heaven'Says living wills 'will help to deal with the health-care crisis'
Posted: November 17, 20051:00 a.m. Eastern
By Joe Kovacs
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Bill Clinton called 'Most Influential Man in the World' in current Esquire
In making a point about the importance of having a living will, ex-President Bill Clinton remarked that religious Americans are apparently hypocrites for having a fear of death.
"It's interesting to me that we always proclaim – especially certain numbers of us – that we're the most religious big country in the world," said Clinton. "It may be true, but we also seem to be the most reluctant to get to heaven."

Reluctant to get to heaven? What does that mean? That we should embrace death and be fatalistic and don't bother to fight for our lives during illness or crisis? And you're not a hypocrite lecturing us on religion, when you lied, you committed adultery, and may have done worse. Cast the first stone? OK, can we chuck one at your fat head?

No one's reluctant to go meet God. The only one who seems reluctant is you, since you have much to answer for. You have triple bypass, so aren't you a hypocrite for wanting to live longer, by your standard?

Can't believe Americans were snowed into voting for this idiot. Rhodes Scholar my arse.

The remark came at a speech this month before an audience of 5,000 at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, and was greeted by laughter and applause.

From the liberal clapping seals of Senator Mark Dayton's state and from Paul Wellstone, not a shocker. And it's a University, so you know the libs were out in full force.

"Look, I only halfway mean that in the sense that I think that everyone has a moral obligation to live as long and as well as he or she can," Clinton continued. "But I do think the living will will help to deal with the health-care crisis."

Living will? Why not a regular will? Why not just your final wishes? OK, I see where this is going, right to die, or right to end life.....

The impeached president mentioned the case of Terri Schiavo, the brain-injured Florida woman who was starved to death by court order after a long legal battle between her parents and her husband, Michael.

And here's where his true culture of death laser shines in a right to left glow. So, Mr. Clinton, you think some should live long lives, but not Terri Schiavo Schindler before she went? Is starving a cripple to death, part of the new America you wanted to create? Shall we revert back to state enforced euthanasia?

"We spend far more money on the last two months of life than any other country," Clinton noted. "And I think the only answer to that and maybe the good thing that came out of the terrible agony of the Schiavo family that we were all treated to for weeks is that amazing numbers of Americans including Hillary and me ... did living wills. We'd been wanting to do it a long time. We just kept puttin' it off and puttin' it off, and I saw that [tragedy] unfold and I said 'You know, I don't want to see Chelsea on television like that. Let's do the living will.'"

Well, Bill, a living will is good and fine, but didn't Terri have some sort of will or last wishes? Apparently those like other documents were sealed by Judge Greer, Michael Schiavo's judicial benefactor. Last two months of life? Wow, so when the projected time of life is down to it's last two months, should we cut the juice and pull the tubes? Didn't the Nazis do that same thing as a dry run to the Holocaust?

Bill, and Hil, better hope they have a living will for themselves. Let's hope Chelsea continues her progression as an adult, and does not end up like Michael Schiavo. Otherwise, Bill may be eating his words. Be careful what you wish for Mr. President.

Clinton, who has just been named the "Most Influential Man in the World" by Esquire magazine, reiterated a common theme of his – that the U.S. will not always be the leader of the world.

One magazine title, and Bill is almost declared second to God by the liberals. Oh wait, they have to believe in God, first. Not enough room in the ego-driven world for any higher power for these predators....

"My view is that we won't be the supreme political, military and economic power in the world forever. We will always be a great nation if we do the right things. But as soon as China and India are as rich as we are then whether we've got the only military superpower is their decision and not ours. ...
"We should be trying to build a world at this unique moment in history we would like to live in when we're not the only big dog on the block."

Well, Bill, we can thank China's technical expertise and nuclear weapons to you. Were the campaign donations and hush money worth weakening America? Did you really want the US as a province in the One World Government that bad? Enjoy your 30 pieces of silver, Judas. You and Dr. Wen Ho Lee.

In the Esquire piece, magazine editor David Granger says Clinton is now poised to become "something like a president of the world or at least a president of the world's non-governmental organizations."

And so the Anti Christ begins his ascent (theme from Omen plays). Just kidding.

Clinton is more like a flunky. Can we please deflate the ego on this Hindenburg, please?

Audio of Bill Clinton's speech at the University of Minnesota is available here.


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