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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Kindergarten Drug Dealer?

Another example of how America is going into the toilet......


PHILADELPHIA -- A kindergarten teacher found eight bags of heroin in a 5-year-old student's pocket, police said.

Now cops, lets hold your horses, it could just be powdered sugar, or white powdered glue. (dogs sniff and go nuts) Well, crap it's smack alright. Against the wall, Junior!

The matter was under investigation and the boy's mother could be charged, police Inspector William Colarulo said.

About danged time. Bet this was an ongoing problem.

The heroin was discovered Oct. 25. On Tuesday, the school sent a letter home to parents. The letter did not explain why the school waited three weeks to tell parents. It was sent home after a story about the incident aired on WCAU-TV.

Three weeks? Three weeks? Were they working a stake out? Calling a judge to get a tap or the DEA in? Sheesh, morons. Gutless school district, what a shock.

Neither the child nor his classmates at Richmond Elementary School were harmed, a schools spokesman said.

Thank God for small favors.

"We are shocked and saddened, outraged" that a parent or parents could place a child in such danger, said spokesman Fernando Galliard.

I'd hope so, Fernando. Otherwise, if there was some complacency or even apathy, it's a sign that the whole education system is screwed, maybe as bad as some of the irresponsible parents.

The boy and his three siblings have been turned over to the city's Department of Human Services and placed in temporary custody, spokesman Ted Qualli said. The agency was looking for relatives who could eventually take care of the children.

At least these kids are away from being used as drug mules, for now.


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