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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Looters Will Not Be Tolerated: Said MS Governor

Well, the looting is starting, and so will any punishment......


Article: Reports of looting in New Orleans
Mon Aug 29 2005 22:37:31 ET

Police with automatic weapons were called to patrol a grocery store after looters went on a rampage, WWL-TV reports.

Police with automatic weapons were called to patrol a grocery store after looters went on a rampage there, grabbing groceries and ripping apart ATMs. The pharmacy was ransacked and merchandise was thrown all around the store. Mississippi

Governor Haley Barbour said looting will not be tolerated in his state. "I have instructed the highway patrol and the National Guard to treat looters ruthlessly," Barbour said. "Looting will not be not be tolerated and rules of engagement will be as aggressive as the law allows."

And by ruthless treatment, this is not cuffing and calling a lawyer. It's more like shoot on sight. Good.... These parasite looters deserve what they get exploiting the hurricane and whatnot.

Now, I wanna see them put their money where their mouth is, when prosecuting the price gougers, flybynight roofers, and of course certain oil companies that will overcharge.....


  • At 10:35 AM, Blogger NDwalters said…

    Peoples' Temple? Jim Jones started one of those and everyone drank the Kool Aid and died. Thank you, no.

    Where is all the SPAM coming from?

  • At 2:34 PM, Blogger NDwalters said…

    Bye spammers.....

  • At 7:17 AM, Blogger Mooneyguy said…

    If Barbour is stopping looters, how can he explain $6 gas?


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