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Friday, August 19, 2005

Pope Warns on Rise of Anti-Semitism

Well, well, pretty good for someone called a Nazi and a Jew baiter, huh liberals?

Here read, if you can....


Part of what he said:

With the shrill sound of a ram's horn and a choir chanting in Hebrew "peace be with you," Benedict became only the second pope to visit a synagogue, praying and remembering Holocaust victims.
"Today, sadly, we are witnessing the rise of new signs of anti-Semitism and various forms of a general hostility toward foreigners," he said.
Benedict said progress had been made, but "much more remains to be done. We must come to know one another much more and much better."
He did not elaborate on his warning except to call for more vigilance, receiving loud applause from the audience after his remarks.
Earlier, Benedict stood quietly with his hands clasped during a Hebrew prayer before a memorial to the 6 million Jews killed by Nazi Germany, and strode into the main hall as the choir sang, "Shalom alechem," or "peace be with you."
A shofar, or ram's horn, sounded as the pope sat down at the front. He then listened intently to the cantor's singing in the blue-domed Roonstrasse Synagogue, which was destroyed during the infamous Kristallnacht pogrom in 1938.

Chillingly, he said this during the aftermath of the Gaza Strip removal. This pope grew up during the height of Nazism and the Holocaust. It had an indelible effect. I wonder if any other Christians, and other self-ascribed humanists are upset over this next part of the Holocaust? The Nazis started with relocating the Jews. The Palestinians wanted that also. The Nazis did it, with Jewish help, ghetto police, KAPOS, and other traitors. The same is done, but at the order of the Israeli PM and his army. The next step, was "resettlement." And the German terms were more grave and more permanent....

Dare we wait and see what this round of anti-Semitism has in store for the Jews this time?


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