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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Governator Proposes Lifelong Tax on Sex Offenders


Well, thank God, Arnie came up with something substantial as governor of California....

The governor wants to prohibit registered sex offenders (search) from living near parks and schools. He also seeks to increase penalties for possession of child pornography, date rapists and using the Internet to lure minors for sex acts. "I'm sponsoring this legislation to give California the strictest laws and toughest penalties for the worst crimes," Schwarzenegger said at a news conference Tuesday. "We want to give greater protection for all Californians — especially our children — against sexual offenders."
If enacted, the legislation would give California some of the toughest laws in the nation for released sex offenders, its supporters said. Lawmakers in Florida recently adopted a similar lifetime monitoring requirement.

Well, Gov, that may help with the money problems you guys have. I hope the taxes aren't too substantial, if collected. If they get that much money, California has more to worry about than just earthquakes. Try all the sex offenders there.....

Go Arnie!

Wait, there's the usual opposition......

Schwarzenegger's proposal could face resistance in the Democratically controlled Legislature. Democrats in the state Senate rejected a bill in June by Sen. Jeff Denham (search), R-Merced, that would have required lifetime electronic tracking of convicted pedophiles.
The Legislature's annual session ends early next month, giving lawmakers little time to consider such a hefty bill, said Assemblyman Mark Leno, D-San Francisco, who chairs the public safety committee.
"I don't know how we digest a 52-page bill and give it the appropriate attention when we have as many things going on as we do," he said.

And if you try and defend this assinine move, you are worse than the pedophiles themselves. Do you have kids? Do you know kids, Mr. Leno? Or are you the typical perv that this bill is meant to punish?

Figures the Dumascraps are blocking protection.....

Leno said he had not had a chance to read the legislation but said placing all registered sex offenders under satellite surveillance for life would be enormously expensive. He estimated the governor's total package of proposed changes could cost as much as $500 million a year, a price he said included the satellite surveillance, additional jail time for some offenders and longer parole terms.
He also was concerned with placing limits on where registered sex offenders can live. Leno said he knew of someone who violated sex laws more than 30 years ago but who was never again in legal trouble. Nevertheless, that person could lose his apartment under the proposed ban on living near schools and parks, Leno said.
"Is this good public policy?" he said. "I think not."

Why the hell is this degenerate still in the State Legislature? Californians only answer this!

Expect the moonbats to defend the moron who loves his pedophiles.

There may be hope though.....

The legislation, formally titled the Sexual Predator Punishment and Control Act, would be amended into existing bills and is sponsored by state Sen. George Runner, R-Antelope Valley, and his wife, Assemblywoman Sharon Runner, also a Republican. George Runner said there are less than 100,000 parolees who would be required to wear a global positioning device (search) for the rest of their lives.
He said Democrats already have seen almost all the ideas included in the new legislation as separate bills that have been introduced previously. All of those have been rejected either this year or last, he said.
Supporters of Schwarzenegger's proposals decided to put all the changes into one bill and give the Legislature another chance. The issue will go to the ballot if they are unsuccessful this year, he said.
"We think the people of California deserve this," George Runner said. "Our thought was to give the Democrats one more shot and, if not, we've got it as an initiative."
He said the proposed ballot measure already is pending before the attorney general and most likely would be planned for the November 2006 ballot.
The Sexual Predator Punishment and Control Act is amended into Senate Bill 588 and Assembly Bill 231.

Mr. Runner, we wish you the best of luck. Lot of good that does you in California.... (spitting)

California, if you do not protect your kids, any future crimes or whatever you get, will fall on you!


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