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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Washington Post chickens out of 9/11 Ceremonies

This from the so-called watchdogs of Democracy. Typical leftwing speed. 100% Pussy.


Here's their reasoning:

The Post has a code of conduct that says employees should avoid a conflict of interest or the appearance of a conflict of interest," said Rick Ehrmann, a Local representative for the Washington-Baltimore Newspaper Guild. "In this case The Post was sponsoring the
Pentagon's Freedom Walk, which ties the attack on Sept.... 11 to the Iraq war, and of course, The Post's reporters have proven ... that there is no connection between the two, that that link is false."
Ehrmann said, "The Post has made a very good decision in withdrawing from this event."

Nope, you did not prove a thing. All you did was parrot MoveOn's lines, you twit. Expect a subscription drop, you moron.....

Here's their code of conduct:

The Post backed out of the agreement after critics said the event, scheduled to take place four years after the attacks that hit New York and Washington and resulted in the crash of a commercial airliner over western Pennsylvania, would have a pro-war slant and that support of the event by the newspaper would compromise the Post's journalistic integrity.

And that stopped papers from reporting pro-war stuff in World War II, and Korea, how? Another ragsheet not worth letting my cats crap on.

And there's more, they don't dig a free concert hosted by a Bush supporter, Clint Black. Well, gee, Posties, I guess we oughta drag Clint Black out back and beat the crap out of him, huh? He's too patriotic, hisses these snakes. Here's their slant:

Critics of media support for the event also pointed to the free concert by Clint Black that is to take place at the end of the march route. Black's Web site,, features lyrics to his song entitled "I Raq and I Roll," including "Our troops take out the garbage/ for the good old U.S.A."

"If this is the person they're going to have representing American freedom, I'd say it's a political event," said Eric Hilton of the pop duo Thievery Corporation, who is part of a coalition that's organizing an anti-war protest concert on the Mall for later in September. Hilton said his concert will be political and he does not expect media sponsorship.

too bad Hilton is not related to Paris Hilton, she's actually smarter than this moron is.....

Also, Eric, there is media sponsorship.....

Read it and weep:

Other organizations scheduled to sponsor the Sept. 11 event included Stars and Stripes newspaper, Pentagon Federal Credit Union, Subway, Lockheed Martin, WTOP Radio Network, ABC/WJLA-TV Channel 7 and News Channel 8 and the Washington Convention & Tourism Corporation, according to the Freedom Walk Web site.

"As things stand right now we are committed to honoring our agreement to promote the event," said Stan Melton, director of creative services at WJLA TV and News Channel 8 in Washington.

However, this guy could waffle and drop a patriotic event like a hot potato.

"If we were to find out that it was meant to be a political event, we couldn't support it."

Yeah, like you guys weren't all backing Dan Rather for his political hack activities, but then decrying Fox for reporting differently than you. Bunch of vipers....


  • At 9:34 AM, Blogger NDwalters said…

    Commemorate is for 9/11 you frickin jackass. Freedom isn't dead, you twit. It's alive and well. We're commemorating the victims of 9/11, like you care right?


  • At 4:29 PM, Blogger Mooneyguy said…

    WJLA is an ABC affiliate. I doubt they would spend a lot of time worrying about a CBS anchor. Really.

    BTW--The Pentagon says they are commemorating American freedom. So they're the one's saying that freedom is dead. Talk to them if that bugs you. (Check their website if you don't believe me)


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