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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Who's Really Civilized?

OK, since watching the shuttle launch today, I am of course feeling pride at the US and the Free World launching into exploration yet again. I also find it odd, that we who have advanced in technology and in thinking, are called the barbarians. Let's analyze some of the logic here.

The Islamic Cleric Bakri, called America the evil Empire and Britain a land ripe for destruction. This from a guy who urged on suicide bombers to blast, and murder men women and kids in the London subways and on their landmark red double decker buses. Bakri wants the Brits dead by savage means, but says he is civilized. Sure, Bakri, whatever.

The Germans called us warmongers for stepping up to defeat evil in Iraq and in the Cold War. Warmongers? Irony from the land that brought us panzers, blitzkriegs, U-boats, The Einsatzgruppen, and The Final Solution. Germany says it is pacifist, and welcoming. And in another breather sealed off its borders and is making immigration harder. The Germans say we are uncivilized in how we're not letting in everyone else into the US, but they have strictly enforced quotas on Turks and other non-white immigrants. Germany is talking out of both sides of its mouth and apparently from both of its faces.

The left says America is a thinking man's nightmare, much like the Middle Ages. Sure, this from the morons who are for a late term abortion procedure that would make the hooded torture and rack attendants cringe. Yes, we're soooooo enlightened offing 30 million and counting unborn children. God Help us if we get anymore "enlightened."

The Radical Muslims says the West is a land of degradation and stagnation. Well, I got two comparisons for them. First, degradation is what they do to the women making them wear Burkahs all year round. Degradation is taunting a hostage before sawing off their head and chanting Allah Akbar. Degradation is something that the majority of supposed moderates sit by and watch, and privately contest, but do nothing about. Second, stagnation happens when you live in the 7th Century, while we're launching space shuttles, satellites, and creating better things for a better standard of living.

So, who is civilized and who is not?

The land that guarantees equality under the law(yeah we had segregation and other problems), no life liberty and property without due process (unless you're our Supreme Court ruling in private property matters). The inventors of the airplane, cotton gin, anesthesia, space shuttle, and other marvels. The land that shed blood from over 2 Million dead in defense and preservation of our liberties and saving allies and other lands from tyranny. The land that has freedom of religion? Are we uncivilized?

Or is the land that guarantees law by an angry mullah and no due process civilized? The inventors of jihad, Hezbollah, and filming beheadings? A region that is forced to live in the 7th century due to radical minorities? Are they more civilized? They could be if they acted against the terrorists and radical sheikhs and mullahs.

Civilization is a choice, not just a birthright.
Civilization is willingness to progress and carry the best of our heritage with us.
Civilization is technological advancement with the realization of our Creator giving us brains to accomplish much for good, if we so choose.
Civilization is NOT Terrorism.
Civilization is NOT stoning women for adultery or honor killings in the family.
Civilization is NOT killing 3,000 men women and kids on a single day in New York, DC or elsewhere.

We're not perfect here, but we intend on moving forward. The enemy, the leaders, intend on going a few steps back, and could give whole new meaning to The Dark Ages.

Now, again, who is civilized and who is not.


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