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Friday, July 22, 2005

T-Shirts To Cops: You Can't Search Us

I wonder how the NYPD feels about this latest snide behavior from the far left?


Here's the article:,weblee,66189,5.html

Sure, wear that shirt, talk back to cops that resemble Tony Soprano or Ving Rhames and see how far you can get smacked across the subway station. People are dying in London and other areas due to suicide bombers, with hidden weapons, how selfish can these morons be?

Here's what MAY HAPPEN:

T-Shirt Wearer: Excuse me, I need to get onto my train.
Cop: Stand over there sir, we gotta search you.
T-Shirt Guy: Uh, read the shirt, pig. If you can read.
Cop: I DO NOT CONSENT TO A SEARCH. Well, I don't consent to you being a pain in the ass, so get over there.
T-Shirt Guy: I'll call my lawyer.
Cop: I'll call back up, pal. Actually, I don't need back up. I got Sparks.
T-Shirt Guy: Who's SPARKS? I want his badge and rank also.
Cop: Sparks is Mr. Taser. (pulls out Taser, zaps liberal)
(T-shirt guy goes down like a White House intern)
Cop: Bet you didn't consent to that, but you were resisting arrest. You wanna endanger lives, go endanger you own. You don't do that in MY CITY.

The above was fictional, but funny.

The below is true:

Even Mayor Bloomberg and the NYPD Commish support what has to be done.

Suck it up, it's wartime, you whiny little leftist Village Voice punks.


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