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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

What Makes a Protestor/Liberal Activist Tick

OK, this may seem slipshod to some of you, but here it goes.

Recently I was asked what protestors do when they are not campaigning against cars, The Bush Administration, Halliburton, beef, cigars, judges, and even toys. I had a discussion here are some of the points.

First, let's look at what protestors do. They march, and rehash old protest chants and songs from Vietnam. They get ticked off at everything that is above their understanding. They all attend the SAME protests, every time. They are forever complaining about the state of affairs, but offering no solutions. In short, they do not put their money where their mouth is.

Yes, they march. They march on Washington on inauguration day, they march on the G-8 Summits, the Supreme Court, Halliburton, stockholders meetings, and against the Ten Commandments. What else do they do? Well, they must have understanding bosses or no jobs, because my boss would fire me if I skipped work and was later seen on TV dragged off by two masked riot cops. Also, if the protestors do not work, where does their salary come from? Uncle George, Soros? Aunt Jane Fonda, that was a big settlement in the Ted Turner divorce.....
Yeah they march, and their funds are unknown.

They rehash old, inane, and irritating protest chants. They rehash- "Hey hey LBJ, how many kids did you kill today?" Now it's, "George Bush, CIA, how many kids did you kill today?" And let's not forget, "Violence doesn't settle scores, we don't want YOUR F---ING WAR!" Now, that is "Tony Blair, what a bore! WE DON'T WANT YOUR F---ING WAR!" Original thought is bye bye, apparently. Why? Well, the same radical students of yesteryear are now radical leaders marching. Despite being of age to collect social security or retire, you have Tom Hayden, Hanoi Jane, Dennis Kucinich, and others trading in kicking cops to organizing from behind the scenes and fuming on Capitol Hill. They rehash what they think may work the second time around.

The protestors are ANGRY, at everything. When it's not Amnesty International protesting Gitmo (sure were quiet when Nick Berg was beheaded), or PETA protesting Kentucky Fried Chicken (awww they slaughtered chickens. What the hell else is poultry for?), or just mad at the economy (which IS improving). The protestors who say they are for better economics and for the poor are usually spoiled, middle class, elitist, nihilists who ARE NOT African, Asian, Middle Eastern, or factory workers. They are angry at everything. At the G-8, they burn cars, destroy shops and punch at cops. This year, they tried it in Scotland and the Scottish did not put up with it. No real violence, but the mayor of Edinburugh, or wherever it was, just put his foot down. Bully, to you Mr. Mayor. Why so angry, protestors? I thought you were flower children? Make love not violence? Right? (chirping crickets)

Same protestors are usually at the same rallies. The idiots who protested the Iraq War, in London, also tried to egg Prime Minister Blair and President Bush's motorcades in the 2003 State Visit to Britain. The protestors who laid down in traffic in 2003 in New York, to protest the war, were visible at New York City's GOP Convention. In 2001, when Bush was inaugurated and they were hauled off and cuffed, the same bozos were out in 2005, trying to interrupt and ruin the inauguration, which they failed miserably at. Notice a pattern? It's the same protestors every stinking time. There are no new members. There is no massive groundswell. Sorry, it's the same people and it's counterproductive.

Complain about everything, but have solutions for nothing. There is the constant shrill bleeting of STOP THE WAR, improve benefits, let more immigrants in. However, the loud chanters are at a loss for words, when we call their bluff and ask them what their better solution is? Got quiet, real quick. Jack of all trades, but experts in nothing. Many complain about Greenspan, Bush, Blair, and others, but offer no counterplans. They say the regime is an ignorant lot, while many uptop have college degrees, masters, and doctorates. Half the protestors are college drop outs and or have not finished formal education. We're stupid, but you kept cutting class and aren't finished yet. Sure......

I do still wonder, if these economic champions are so committed to improving things, why aren't they giving money? If jobs are so bad, why aren't they working to create a need for more workers? If the economy sucks, why not improve it with your work and your earnings? Easy, they're too busy protesting everything.

More hypocrisy, courtesy of the loud and liberal left.


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