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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

New Poll: Hillary UNFIT as Commander In Chief

Wow, and you liberals thought Hillary would do better than Bush.



Some of the results:

A front-page story in USA Today - "Can Hillary be Elected Commander in Chief?" - explores the issue and features a poll that contains troubling news for Hillary and her supporters.
When respondents were asked if they would rate Clinton highly (4 or 5 on a 5-point scale):
Only 36 percent said she could handle the situation in Iraq if elected president.
Just 38 percent said she would effectively protect the country from terrorist attack.
59 percent thought Clinton is not strong on national security.
42 percent said she would use military force wisely as president.
56 percent doubted she could handle an international crisis.
Only half said she is a strong and decisive leader.
Overall, 37 percent said they "strongly disagree" or "somewhat disagree" with the statement "Hillary Clinton is tough enough to president."

Wait, didn't she say that the US was being led by Alfred E. Newman? Wasn't SHE supposed to be more qualified than Bush? Hehehehehehehe.

LMFAO. Laughing My Freakin Arse Off.

Oh there's more....

She was nominated by the Pentagon – "with which her husband often had contentious relations, particularly on gays in the military – to serve on a blue-ribbon panel studying how to foster better cooperation among the military services," USA Today reports.
A recent study by National Journal showed Clinton's record on defense, foreign policy and economics last year made her the 34th most liberal senator, while in 2003 she had ranked ninth.
But critics say Clinton's recent shift smacks of a political makeover aimed at polishing her national security credentials before a 2008 run.
"I think these are absolutely newfound views," William Black, executive director of the anti-Clinton political action committee Stop Her Now, told USA Today.
"This is someone coming from an administration that had open disdain for the military.
"Her whole involvement in getting on the Armed Services Committee is a calculated political ploy to burnish up her national security and defense credentials. She certainly didn't seem to care a whit about the military before."

Well, she's done for...... Neeeext!


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