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Monday, July 18, 2005

Real Muslims, Speak Out Against Terrorists


Dear Moderate Muslims,

What’s up? I see that you guys have been in the news a lot lately. I thought I’d write you a letter and ask you some questions because it seems as if some Muslims are involved in some very bad stuff around the globe, i.e. targeting and killing innocent people and all in the name of your god.

After the damnable 911 terror attacks, President Bush stated that, “Islam is a religion of peace” and the people who carried out these atrocious acts of war are the evil fringe adherents of a good religion. We’d all like to believe him. The British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, says that those who carried out the 7/7 attacks on London held “poisonous and perverted” views of Islam that are inconsistent with what the Quran teaches.

So . . . what I’m getting from President Bush, Prime Minister Blair and many others is that Islam, as it is taken from the Quran, condemns both violent acts and those behind them and tables via its teachings harmony with all of humanity. I’d like to believe that, and seeing that you’re a moderate adherent, I’ve got a couple of questions to ask you regarding some of the radicals who are seriously fouling your peaceful religion’s public persona.

Look, I know that all groups and families have relatives and constituents they wish wouldn’t align themselves with their party or family because they are . . . let’s say . . . uh . . . loopy. Like my one-eyed, Uncle Slappy White who works for the Muleshoe, Texas sanitation department. Man, you do not want to bring him around your friends, especially when he’s all liquored up. He can be quite the embarrassment. Therefore, I can empathize with being wrongfully associated with some weirdoes who clearly do not represent who you are.

Please indulge me, moderate Muslims. I have two simple questions regarding your current religious beliefs, as we would not want you to be confused with the aberrant devotees with whom, we were told, you wholeheartedly disagree.

1. Seeing that you differ with the radical lunatic fringe players in your religion, we can safely know and state that you do not view the West and those who do not share your religious beliefs as “The Great Satan,” correct?

I mean . . . I know we eat pork, watch PG-13 movies, dance to Michael Jackson, believe Hillary Clinton [at least some do on the left] and watch Paris Hilton . . . it’s bad, I know. But c’mon . . . “The Great Satan”??? Thank God, that as a moderate Muslim, you do not go so far as to label the entire Western Civilization as satanic just because it isn’t based on an Islamic worldview. Amen?

2. What are you going to do about all the verses in the Quran that instruct Muslims to convert, conquer or kill those who will not bow their knees to Allah? You don’t believe that stuff, do you? You don’t believe that peaceful Jews, Christians and secularists are belligerent infidels, right? I would think not, because that would be extreme.

As a moderate Muslim, can we rest assured that you do not believe that warfare and terror are any way to establish your religion in people’s lives? Can we also be certain that those of us who do not believe and will not believe your particular take on divinity can feel completely safe around you and that we can confidently expect you to work with us to build our world into a better place without condemnation being breathed down upon our heads?

Well, that’s it for now. If you could help me with these two questions that would be really cool. Also, it would probably help us in the U.S. and London if you’d work to communicate more regularly and vociferously, given the continued bad press your radical adherents are getting, that you fundamentally disagree with their violent behavior against an unarmed citizenry. Communicating that and working very hard towards eradicating their global threats would kind of help to balance things out a bit.

In addition, your public and incessant condemnation of extremism within your ranks would also serve the purpose of exonerating all moderates from the smallest hint of supporting such behavior. The reason why? It’s simple. Usually, when groups are silent regarding an issue that should be condemned it leads other people to believe that the groups really don’t disagree at all with what has occurred and are, therefore, in agreement with the bad people that perpetrated the despicable act.

I’m really glad that you are moderate in your religious views and are ready and willing to work with us in stamping out these terrorists before they can do any more damage to our people or your people. No doubt, as you see people reeling from this most recent disaster in London, carried out by people who you condemn as crazy, we can count on you to help lead the charge in putting them down. We can count on you to monitor your mosques, to get on radio and TV and to “out” these nuts, wherever they may be found. Yes, it is good to know that we can trust you to blow the whistle on evil plans—even if it means turning in some of your family members, clerics or close friends.

Thank you for your help and all the best . . .


  • At 5:39 PM, Blogger Kevin said…

    Well, in print, the paper serves to point out some just questions, but for some reason I couldn't help but read the spirit of the letter as entirely condemning and almost sarcastic at times.

    Actually, rereading it, I think the spirit of the letter was to write an insulting piece that can be defended as genuine.

    I find it particularly peculiar that he points out how 'they' should help us before any more damage is done to 'our people' or 'their people'. It just doesn't make any sense to segregate 'people' if you're not pre-condemning them to something (IMO).

    And here again, this is clearly just insulting to a true Muslim (especially one who is certainly not in favor of terrorism):
    "Thank God, that as a moderate Muslim, you do not go so far as to label the entire Western Civilization as satanic just because it isn’t based on an Islamic worldview."

    I mean, one things got nothing to do with the other. I think many Christians see Muslims as 'influenced by Satan' simply for being Islamic, so there is certainly nothing wrong with a Muslim thinking that the west is 'satanic' (which of course doesnt make much sense in Islam anyways). All the same, thinking a country is Satanic or influenced by Satan doesn't mean you think the people in it should be killed, does it?

    And again on his second list point, what's wrong with thinking that those who do not bow down to Allah are not being beligerent? As I read the sentence: "...that instruct Muslims to convert, conquer or kill those who will not bow their knees to Allah?", there is a choice.

    You can kill them, conquer them, or convert them. Whats wrong with thinking that you should convert them? I mean, Christianity has been evangalistic for as long as I have known it.

    Anyways -- I could go on and on, but the point is that if you read this document, and read it non-biased, the author is clearly belittling anyone who IS a Muslim, be them a radical or otherwise.

    ...and since the supposed point of his letter is inquire why moderate-Muslims do not speak out, his belittlement should serve as a response.

  • At 11:08 AM, Blogger NDwalters said…

    Yeah Kevin, Christians are evangelistic, but we've since grown out of conversion at sword or gunpoint. These 7th Century Savages, the radical elements, have not and apparently will not.

    Insulting? More like lighting a charge under the asses of the moderates to do something. It's like the old saying: SPEAK NOW OR FOREVER HOLD YOUR PEACE.

    Well, we're waiting for them to speak but also to act against the crazies.

  • At 3:02 AM, Blogger Kevin said…

    Well thats what I was saying, so have they.

    Granted there is an entire sub-culture of radicals claiming they kill in the name of blah blah, but it's obviously not fair to group all Muslims together.

    And keep in mind, it really hasn't been all that long since the west has done terrible things citing Christianity as justification. And though we don't generally KILL in the name of Jesus/God these days, we still use the book to oppress other beliefs. I could get into it, but it's not much worth the argument.

    But yes, Nick, I think the article was very insulting. There is no need to "light a charge under these people", we KNOW (or should know) who is good, and who is bad. I am sure 'moderate-Muslims' (such a stupid phrase) don't consider the extemists following the Koran properly in the first place. So with that, they are perhaps not even of the same religion, why should they have to step up and do anything?

    I just think it's horrible unfair and somewhat racist to suggest that 'good' Muslims correct their 'bad' counterparts. As if you are somehow indebted to a troubled and frightend society for being a different religion, a different color.

    Not to mention, we had that discussion about Hitler the other day; think of how long it took our entire country to do anything about that -- when clearly that was a bit on the extemist side of things. Why didn't WE standup and say something when it started? We sure as hell knew what was going on well before we entered a war. And as we had discussed, we didnt even enter the war because of the poor Jews.


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