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Monday, July 18, 2005


OK, for those of you wonder this: Does this guy ever post anything BUT Politics?

Well here it goes.

I watched TEAM AMERICA: World Police for a good laugh. Did it fulfill. The South Park creators Trey PArker and MAtt Stone delivered. This wild film is a send-up of the live action puppet shows of the 1950s and 1960s, mainly THUNDERBIRDS ARE GO! However, this IS NOT FAMILY FRIENDLY. Constant jokes about Kim Jong Il's accent, Muslim Terrorists, and the song- "America, F##k Yeah!" are good examples.

Honestly, I had to laugh, ALOT. First, it's a parody of EVERYTHING political. Both sides get thrashed, but Parker and Stone thrash Hollywood and it's All-Knowing Stance on Politics. The Film Actors' Guild- FAG, is joining with Kim Jong Il to form a worldwide peace summit, which is actually an attempt to control the leaders of the world, while WMDs go off in EVERY MAJOR CITY.

Who can save the day? TEAM AMERICA. They are in jets and tanks with stars and stripes all over them. Not your typical terrorist killers, but funny. Team America manages to blow up lots of stuff, besides the terrorists, like Half of Paris and Cairo.

There's more to say, but why ruin it.....

Just look for Michael Moore, Alec Baldwin, Helen Hunt, and Matt Damon ("Matt Damon....") to be mercilessly skewered.....

Sit back and laugh, I DID.


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