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Monday, July 25, 2005

Jane Fonda, Protesting ANOTHER WAR.

Let's do 'The Time Warp' again! Let's do 'The Time Warp' again!

That's right, straight out of the 1960s and 1970s, Jane Fonda is going around the US, drumming up more dissention against our troops and the liberation of Iraq. And instead of being Hanoi Jane, she's now Falafel Fonda. Same traitor, same methods, DIFFERENT times.

Someone tell her that the Vietnam War is over, and that her Oscar for Going Home was due to political pressure.


OK, the fact that Jane Fonda is a traitor is not a suprise. However, the fact she's backstabbing the troops after supposedly apologizing for sitting on a North Vietnamese ack ack gun, that was used to shoot down our planes and men, and is now doing this is sickening. Jane said she got support from Vietnam vets. Yeah, name one, Jane. Also, find out which ones had REAL DUTY, not those paper jockeys and liberals posted elsewhere. And don't count John Kerry. His service is less genuine than the Purple Hearts he swindled his way into getting.

She apologized to up her book sales, which sucked. Talked out of one side of her mouth to push a crappy J-Lo Movie, which tanked also. She was a greedy frickin seditionist.

Wow, I miss the days where a President could line up the traitors and shoot them for treason.


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