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Monday, July 25, 2005

Dishonoring Our Dead Troops

Here's a roll call on various incidents involving our dead troops being exploited, disgraced, and memorials being vandalized. I find it odd that the left is so whiny about compassion but are picketing, crashing, or ruining any respect for our dead.


Here are the incidents.

1. Pennsylvania Lt. Governor, and radical liberal, crashes a funeral, passing out business cards and still slamming the war(which our troops are fighting in).

Governor will apologize for this:

2. Ohio vandals, damage and destroy flags put up as memorials to dead troops.

3. Protestors picket an Oklahoman soldier's funeral.

Here's the protestor's flyer....

And the libs say WE have not respect for the dead.

Defend them if you can......

If this were a gay funeral and it were picketed, you hypocrites would be up in arms.....


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