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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Bonaduce Speaks Out Part II

Well, nice to know someone in California isn't a complete freak. Go Danny Bonaduce. And he stated it very well, 'I've been poor, down and out, and strung out and wasted before. I've seen the bad side. Someone threatening to keep me out of movies, I don't fear that. I don't fear them.' Nor should anyone fear the almighty Babs Streisand, Rosie O Loudmouth, Behemoth Baldwin, or Robert Redass. All of whom threatened to move when GWB was elected, TWICE. Well, we've got a Ryder truck for you and we can get you all a one way ticket. In short, put up or shut up. We prefer shut up and so does Danny.

You go Danny!

Here's Danny at his best, in response to Robert Redford.....


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