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Monday, January 22, 2007

Hillary is running for President.....

and so is everyone else in the Democrapic Convention.

Let's see who's gonna be likely to come out ontop.

There's Barack Obama, he's articulate, well spoken, not a flaming jerk like moonshine, but still a liberal. I ain't voting for him, but someone will. However, here's his negatives. What will nail him before he can even run. First, he's been a Senator for 2 years. It's advised to get a full term or more as Senator, Congressman, Governor, etc. under your belt before you run for The Big Office. Sorry Barack, you may wanna wait for next election. Second, what does he stand for? No official position, just his book he wrote. Third, he's too darned centrist for Howard Dean's liking. He's fired.

Hillary will likely come ontop of the heap of candidates the DNC may consider. Why? Well, she'll play dirty for one thing. She has the backing of New York, which odd since she moved to that state a few months before the Senate race. New York Voters, take pride in electing a reverse carpetbagger over a native son of your state. Bravo. And you call the South stupid. Please. Hil also has Bubba to bolster her campaign. Her personality sucks, she's a flip-flopper, and she's not sure where she stands, BUT Bubba can rake in the money for her. Ask Babs Streisand, Kevin Spacey and others what they think of St. William Jefferson. They may not care for Hildebeast, but they loved her husband, Bubba. Sorry, Bill Clinton. Drawbacks, the carpetbagger thing. Second, Bubba's infidelity, soft foreign policy, pre-9/11 inaction, perjury, scandal after scandal.......

Those more likely to get swept aside, Senator Christopher Dodd, Joe Biden, and John Edwards. And of course Krazy Dennis Kucinich, who can double for Gollum. Yeah, Hil will steamroll, backstab, and general mutilate her competition. And that's just her own party.

Now, the GOP, who will they run?

Likely choice, though will draw heat, Rudolph W Guiliani. Sure, he wasn't a NY Senator, or Governor, or even a cabinet member, but Rudy was mayor of New York for 8 years including 9/11, the Millenium Bombing plots, and the aftermath and prosecution of the Feb 26 1993 WTC Attack. He reduced crime by over 59%. He cleaned up the city. And Rudy got the fiscal budget back in line. Not bad for a former US Attorney who nailed the Gambinos, Ivan Bosky, and others. Sure, his cheating on Donna Hanover will come up, but who's gonna yammer about that? Hillary? She has 200 + pounds of infidelity wed to her! Chris Dodd, Biden? Please..... And of course, people will complain about Rudy's civil rights offenses against Haitians and non-whites committed by the NYPD. Eh, Al Sharpton will complain, what a shock. Rudy does have drawbacks, like being too pro-choice for the hardcore conservatives and of course gay marriage. Eh, he's moderate.

John McCain, HELL NO! War Hero or not, he's as wishy washy as Hildebeast. Ugh, John you should be ashamed.


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