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Monday, September 11, 2006


OK, all joking and sniping aside. I am kind of curious where you all were on September 11, 2001. Kind of how you felt and all that.


I was at South Texas College of Law, in Downtown Houston on 9/11. Got in about 7:50 am, local time. The first plane hit and everyone wondered if it was a trailer to a bad Jerry Bruckheimer film, but when every network had it from the NBC Peacock to the Fox News box, it was known this was the real thing. We all thought it was some terrible accident that had to be mechanical, or horrible pilot/co-pilot error. Then 8:02 Central Time rolled around. Plane 2 hit the South Tower, and someone said 'This ain't no (expletive) accident. We're at war.' They got that right, but then the panic set in.

Rumors were swirling about planes hitting Chicago, LA, and some on the way to Houston, Dallas, Miami and other cities. We tried to remain calm. Never cursed, prayed, and cursed and prayed so much in my life. Then about 8:40 am, the Pentagon is on fire. Plane 3 hit its target. Then more rumors of the FBI Building here and in DC about to be hit, the State Department and a car bomb. Yeah, we were worried. Then, the word came that law school was done for the day and everyone get home, ASAP. And call a hotline tomorrow to see if we were shut down. So, myself and a few students took an SUV out of Downtown onto the I-10 HOV and to the 610 Bus Terminal, there a guy from Katy took us all back home. While leaving, we saw fire trucks and cop cars all over downtown. And the law school, well, it was next door to a federal court building or state appeals court. We left, but SUVs and Crown Vics swarmed it and a SWAT team disgorged. Well, we thought the world was gonna end.

We made it through the day, I guess, but it was frightening. Rumors were quelled, London was not nuked, DC was in one piece, etc. but no one was the same. Never will be, to be honest. Needless to say alot of us hit our knees in prayer of thanks, that we weren't hit, but also praying for the New York Fire, Police, Port Authority, federal office workers, and thousands who died that day. 9/11 was a frightening event. Not to be forgotten, nor should it be.

That was my day on 9/11, 5 years ago.

How about yours?


  • At 10:46 PM, Blogger Marshall Art said…

    Driving to work, wondering why I wasn't getting any jams on the box. Arrive at my first, a school, and there's all sorts of bustle uncommon on such a day. Parents were picking up their kids and taking them home. In the office of the school, they had the tube on and I saw the problem. Couldn't believe it. I just went from call to call watching the tube at each stop, not really doing the job. I don't think I ever felt the way it made me feel. Can't even describe it. But even more strange, was the feeling of looking up over the next few days, and never seeing a plane. Even when in towns around O'Hare Airport, you don't much notice the defeaning noise after living and working around it for so long. But to never hear it at all...couldn't stop looking up.

  • At 4:21 PM, Blogger Kevin said…

    That was an exciting day.

    Though, I remember telling my hippie friends what a good thing it was that ole GW got elected. I gave them such a hard time for voting Green and Indy - professing how fucked we'd be if GW hadn't won.

    I was a real dick about it too.

    Boy oh boy was I fucking wrong. Too bad we've been plagued by bad decision after another since then =[

    If I see those hippies again, I need to apologize about that day b/c they were right - our president was about to lead us nowhere.


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