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Friday, November 11, 2005

Kurds to US: Thanks for Liberating Us

Now this is a story that the MSM will not cover.

Some were HAPPY that the US liberated them. And to those who said it was not needed, tell these Kurds they ought not to have been liberated to preserve the UN backed status quo.

Tell them oil for food was more important.....

A group representing Kurdistan thanks America for liberating that nation from Saddam Hussein's dictatorship of terrorism.
"The Kurds of Iraqi Kurdistan just want to say ‘thank you for helping us win our freedom. Thank you for democracy. Thank you America.”

Uh oh, that sounds like gratefulness. That sounds like the opposite of what the leftards think the Middle Easterners should be acting like. They don't support Michael Moores' Fedayeen Minutemen.

Sounds genuine to me.

The group describes Kurdistan as a place "where peace and prosperity have reigned since liberation from Saddam Hussein.”
Bayan Sami Abdul Rahman, Chairman of the Kurdistan Development Corporation and Kurdistan’s High Representative to the UK, says the commercials are necessary to counter the American media’s largely negative coverage of Iraq.
"We feel the mainstream media,” she tells Newsmax, "is focusing on the negative stories coming out of Iraq and very rarely highlighting the good news.”
"We’re not saying that the media doesn’t tell the truth. They do tell the truth. There is violence. There is an insurgency. But it’s not the whole truth, or the whole picture.”
"The truth is that while there is violence,” she continues, "there are big strides being taken towards democracy in Iraq, particularly in Kurdistan. There are vast sections of Iraq, and again particularly Kurdistan, where the region is safe, stable, and people are getting on with their lives, doing business, trying to build a future.”
Indeed, not a single coalition soldier has died in Kurdistan since March 2003.

And the minister gets the prize for calling out the media as a bunch of negative finks. Last year it was Prime Minister Alawi arguing with Tom Brokaw. This year, the Kurds, the forgotten victims and beneficiaries of Saddam's ouster are on the offensive.

And yes, there is a BIGGER PICTURE than the bombs and shooting in the same parts of Bagdhad every day. There is rebuilding, commerce, and new amenities that were unheard of before Operation Iraqi Freedom. Such amenities include: Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and freedom from Saddam's genocidal Einsatzgruppen. Yes, those poor Kurds were better off with Saddam. Idiot liberals.

Rahman worries, however, about suggestions that the United States should pull out of Iraq.
"If people are saying that America should withdraw their troops now, that would be a catastrophe, not only for the people of Iraq but also for the Middle East and the wider intentional community and the United States,” she says.
The current peace and prosperity is a welcome change from conditions under Saddam Hussein, who targeted the Kurds throughout his rule.

Oh no, more grateful pleas to help and build a nation! Not just Iraq but also Kurdistan! Oh no, Democracy may work! Ah! Withdrawing would be a disaster, if done before all is said and done. This isn't some stupid police conflict, this is changing the face of an entire part of the world. And that type of change cannot be rushed along by the likes of Ted Kennedy and Nancy Pelosi.

Be patient, it took 5-10 years to rebuild Japan and Germany. Marshall Plan ring any bells?

And let us not forget life before liberation for the Kurds....

Among other atrocities, Hussein ordered the use of chemical weapons against the Kurdish village of Halabja in 1988, killing an estimated 5,000 Kurds, a majority of which were women and children.
Following the Gulf War in 1991, the United States and the United Kingdom established "no-fly zones” in northern Iraq to prevent continued bombing of Kurdistan by Saddam. Kurds ran a semi-autonomous government under the protection of the "no-fly zones.”

Funny you liberals whine about the Paleswineans, but not these Muslims. Not these Middle Easterners. Why? Oh wait, they like Bush. Oh hold on, they were GLAD we kicked Saddam out.

It all makes sense, silly me!

Kurdistan President H.E. Masoud Barzani thanked President Bush for his dedication to Iraqi freedom in an Oct. 25 visit to the White House.
"It was a brave decision that you have made,” Barzani told the president, "you have liberated a people from a dictatorial regime that has hurt a lot of people.”
Rahman goes further, calling President Bush a "hero.”
"The people of Kurdistan and the government of Kurdistan,” she gushes, "admire President Bush’s courage in fighting Saddam Hussein despite some of the doubts of America’s international partners.”

And wasn't this guy elected by a large margin, a frickin majority? Hmmmm. I wonder if you libs want a recount for Barzani also.....

For more info on the Kurds in postwar Iraq, go here....

And to our Veterans today, here is part of the fruits of your blood sweat and tears. Making America, and the rest of world safe.

Thank you Guardians of Democracy.


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