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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Webb's World: Biden and Kennedy Hamming it Up

Webb's World 09/14/05By Tedd Webb

It is amazing to watch the confirmation hearing for Judge John Roberts. The pompous attitudes of those standing in judgment of this man.
First there is teddy Kennedy, opens up talking about the waters around New Orleans, and everything else not associated with Robert’s position on the Supreme Court. Kennedy is a waste of time, and long past his time for pasture.
Then there is Joseph Biden, who when running for President himself years ago, was busted for plagiarizing a speech. Seems in college he was also busted for copying some ones else’s work. Yesterday Biden would not allow Roberts to answer a question without interrupting him. When told to allow the judge to answer the question, Biden responded “but he is filibustering!” The witness had not been speaking but a mere 10 seconds.
I can’t wait for Charles Schumer to start his inquisition.
And then there is Senator Arlin Spector.
There was a time in history when our Senate was comparable to The House of Lords. A well behaved and classy lot.
Sadly, today our Senate is more like the audience at a Jerry Springer show.
That’s how I see it!
God blessTeddy


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