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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The No Sh!t Sherlock Award Goes to.... Ray Nagin and Oprah Winfrey it's a TIE!

Here's why it's a tie. Oprah Winfrey, made the statement that, "This should not have happened!" No really, you think St. Oprah? Hmmmm, why was the Superdome turned into a hell-hole? Gee, ask Mayor Ray Nagin.

Ray Nagin also gets the award, for taking nine days, NINE DAYS, to order a forced evacuation of New Orleans. Nagin had been PC and asked people to leave on Saturday 8/27/05, then said he meant it, then left the city and watched the storm hit.

Both of you, get the Now Sh!t Sherlock Award.

LINK to Oprah's Drama:

And of course, Ray Nagin's long delayed and tardy response.....


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