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Friday, September 02, 2005


Well, about a year ago, this blog was born into the world. It's grown, and yes it's been slandered by liberals and some so-called conservatives. However, this blog is still going and going and going. So, to those of you who have snide remarks, shove it, you're getting canned. Rest of you, who try to be reasonable, I tip my hate to you.

In the past year this Blog has been up we've seen:

The Presidential Election
The Presidential Debates
Bush Won the Election
Arafat Died
The Schiavo Tragedy
Anti-Troop Wackjobs exposed and waning.
Pope John Paul II Passing
New Pope Benedict XVI
Israel Pull Out of the Gaza
Identity Theft
Cindy Sheehan Spectacle
And now

Hurricane Katrina.

We've had a good year or so, and there's more a coming......

Thanks to all the regular readers, serious posters, and yes even the trolls for helping in theraputic stress relief. Anger is fine, just direct it.

Happy Birthday Blog!


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