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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

OK, Hollyweird, stop griping.

Time to put up or shut up........

You've whined about the storm. You've blamed everyone but the guys, NOLA crooked politicos who diverted funds from levee money to casinos and bribes..... You've said how bad the US is doing at managing its own land.

Tell you what, I'm sick of Pierce Brosnan whining about how shameful the response to Katrina has been. Hey 007, have Q build a hovercraft and go get em out! Sheesh.....


Sean Penn, stop whining about everything, period. We know you're a freakin actor, we still remember you kissing Saddam's sphincter. Now, shut up and do something besides, gripe!


Oh wait he did! Try plugging the boat first, Spicoli! And don't take your enterogue with you! There won't be room to rescue a cat, let alone one or several people that need it!


Instead, suck it up and actually do something. Be like John Grisham, a MS native who's donated at least 4-5 million dollars. Far above the tax write off amount that George Clooney and others gave...... Mississippi got hit also! In case you forgot!

Or be like Harry Connick Jr., jazz musician, singer, and actor, who is down in NOLA, and is pitching in all with all kinds of relief.

Donate money and help like John Goodman.

Just shut up and save the blame for later.

And Celine Dion, don't cry and whine that the looters are justified in their plundering. "They've never held a TV or DVD player before...." she says. Celine, put them up in your home and see how much of your stuff remains there! And I mean looters, not the honest folks who are being cared for in cities across the USA.

Time to put up or shut up.

Kanye West, shut up!
Celine Dione, shut up!
Sean Pean, shut the f-ck up!
Pierce Brosnan, hush you wanker!

To all the rest doing stuff and helping. Bravo and God bless.


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