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Monday, November 13, 2006

True Colors

OK, lemme digress from the news for a while and review a decent above average movie I bought for $5 at Wal Mart. It's called True Colors, made back in 1991.

The film begins with Senator Peter Burton (John Cusack) running in a nasty Connecticutt Congressional Race. Burton is on the edge of his seat and his buddy and campaign manager, Tim Gerrity (James Spader) is watching a wall clock nervously. Why is he doing that?

Wind back about 10 years. Peter and Tim meet by accident at law school, both back into eachother and Peter about picks a fight with Tim. They talk and Peter does it to focus attention off himself to the other guy, but later admitted fault. Nice lawyer traits, eh? We learn Tim, from a well-off New England Family, is going out with Diana Stiles, daughter of a Senator Stiles (old Brahman of politicians and bureaucrats Richard Widmark) and Tim invites Pete up for New Years Eve. Pete talks about Xmas in London, etc. Peter is later found out to be ashamed of being very very blue collar. However, Tim writes that off, and is still his friend. For now.

The two work in DC, interns. Tim as Department of Justice. Peter with Senator Stiles. Coincidental eh? Tim likes his internship, and wants to go back to law school so he can be a DOJ prosecutor. Peter LOVES his Senate job and wants to drop law school and be part of the K Street feeding frenzy. Pete and Tim go to dinner, see a Senator Steubens who votes against Stiles measures, with someone who isn't his wife, and young enough to be that Senator's grand daughter.... Dirty old guys, DC, younger available women, no frickin way! Peter finds Steubens car, slashes the tire, and then his own. He's then 'helping Steubens' with a spare tire, and sees Senator S with the girl. Tim sees every last bit of this, shocked, but no longer suprised at Peter's behavior. The Senator is embarassed and recognizes Peter as Stiles staff member. The Senator, not wanting to risk bad press or gossip, decides to vote on a measure he'd been blocking Stiles on for months. Tim hears this, and goes his separate ways. Tim to DOJ which makes Diana leave him(she'd be living off cop pay), and Peter up the Stiles staff ladder, and into Diana's bedroom.

Pete and Tim ski, Pete is injured after confessing his affair to Tim who almost lets him ski off a cliff to certain death. Pete and Diana marry. Tim and Pete are on the mends, but Peter is helping a lobbyist and very crooked developer (Mandy Patinkin) up in Connecticutt. The developer drops a competitor's name as being crooked in a federal deal. Pete tells Tim, Tim seeks indictments, but the company is NOT guilty. They lose the contract and developer's company WINS contract. Tim finds out Pete used him and he's upset. Tim was also suspended from DOJ and he now wants his pound of flesh. First, his fiancee, then his friendship, and now his job. That tears it, Tim 'volunteers' as Peter's new staff helper.

Pete wants to run for Congress. Father in law disapproves. Pete knows Stiles Sr. has Alzheimers and could go public. Stiles endorses Peter, begrudgingly, but tells Diana, who is now revolted with her busband. Tim, now campaign manager is also revolted by all of this. Peter is campaigning, is upset at the slums. Promises to be tough. He finds out Patinkin runs the slums and gets quiet.

Election Night, Tim is with Peter who is about to win the Congressional Seat. He wins, by a narrow margin. Pete and Tim hug. Diana wishes Peter good luck in DC, but is divorcing Peter. Apparently blood is thicker than bling at this time. Tim lets her know, so she can leave before the FBI arrests Peter for his helping the crooked developer. Peter gives his speech, half-heartedly confesses his sins, but then says he is being framed and will fight for his seat.

We go forward a year or so. Peter and Tim meet in DC. Tim is still in DOJ. Peter is now a private citizen, and was given immunity for testifying against Patinkin. The two exchange a smile or two. No happy ending, no nice resolution.

Thus like life.....

Good film, I recommend it. It's not Mr. Smith Goes to Washington nor is it The Contender but it's good. Another good once, Advise and Consent.

Political films, some are worth a watch.


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