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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Terrorists? No Sh-t Sherlock!

Today, Scotland Yard and the British Intelligence agencies thwarted a major plot to bomb a dozen or more Trans-Atlantic flights originating out of London's Heathrow Airport.,2933,207682,00.html

Over 21 have been detained so far. And they are of Pakistani origin. More to follow.....,2933,207682,00.html

As a precaution, the US and Britain are on their highest security alerts in over a year......,2933,207710,00.html

European airlines and American ones are cancelling flights to Europe until further notice.....,2933,207715,00.html

The explosives to be used on the packed airliners were made to pass as hygeine products, ie hair gel, contact solution, etc..... LIQUID EXPLOSIVES.

Thus, hand luggage is being banned from being put onto flights....

President Bush and Prime Minister Blair have both issued statements on the alerts, commending law enforcement and counter-terrorism in thwarting this plot.

No doubt both caution to be vigilant.

As 9-11 proves and this solidifies, that this war is far from over.


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