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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Conservatives and Liberals, more differences than you know

OK, heard this off Rock 103.7 FM in Houston. Walton and Johnson were talking politics and noticing how liberals and conservatives are different. It's not word for word, but the Radio Gods got it dead on target!

Liberals and Conservatives here are the differences, as if you didn't know.....

Liberals think more government is great and can be depended on to care for everyone and everything.
Conservatives see government as a means to and end, and we need to depend on ourselves in case the government cannot do everything, see Katrina.

Liberals tend to manage producers and workers, and like set patterns.
Conservatives tend to be go-getters and produce results, and can work outside the box.

Liberals tend to prefer foreign beers with a lime or cherry in it.
Conservatives like domestic beer and some foreign, but with no fruit.

Liberals like their white wines and fruit smoothies.
Conservatives, they like most wines but aren't afraid of hard liquor.

Liberals tend to avoid red meat, and like fish raw, but have red meat well done.
Conservatives like all meat, and eat red meat rear. But fry up their seafood.

Liberals tend to be writers, actors, middle management types, and analysts.
Conservatives can do that, but also do manual labor, law enforcement, military, law, government, and yes some art.

Liberals tend to dislike manual labor and yard work.
Conservatives can do manual labor, and go so far as to cut their own tree down with a chain saw.. Argh ! Argh! Argh!

Liberals say peace at any price, peace in our time, and peace, man.
Conservatives say, is life so precious that it be purchased with chains. Give me liberty or give me death.

Liberals want kindness and understanding to our enemies after 9/11.
Conservatives want to understand their next move and bomb the sh-t out of them before there is another 9/11.

Liberals like chart toppers and pop and techno and rave music.
Conservatives like hard rock, old rock, and general good rock.

Liberals don't like going to the country.
Conservatives go to the outdoors and are fond of the country. Country music, country dress, and country dancing.

Liberals ventured out to the Old West after it was tamed.
Conservatives tamed, took, and settled the Old West before the libs even dared leave the East.

Liberals consider anywhere but LA and NYC flyover territory. Thanks Alec Baldwin.
Conservatives anywhere including LA and NYC American territory.

Liberal women have more testosterone than some of their men, and feel threatened when men come alongside to offer help.
Conservatives use their testosterone to protect their women, their fams, and their country and we don't feel threatened by a conservative woman coming alongside to help.

Liberals like their fuel efficient peanut oil driven or solar driven car.
Conservatives like their cars, trucks, and SUVs that drive after the sun goes down, and if we run out peanuts uses gas.

Liberals ask others to give and help, but won't do so themselves.
Conservatives dig deep and give whatever, and help whenever.

Liberals think religion is unnecessary and nonconsequential to the USA.
Conservatives think religion had a part in the US foundations, and it is very necessary for many.

Liberals talk about freedom of speech, but deny freedom of religion.
Conservatives talk of freedom of speech and religion and back it up with legal actions.

Liberals ran and still run to Canada to avoid serving their country and defending it.
Conservatives line up around the block, all the way to Canada, to serve and defend their country and our allies.

Liberals burn the US flag and will not die for their country.
Conservatives would die for the flag, their family, and protecting whatever the liberals want to burn.

Liberal senators take about leaving folks high and dry, when one of their own drove a car into a river and let their female passenger drown in it.
Conservatives will screw up and at least admit it, without bringing up the liberal's ironic statements.

Liberals are threatened by the words God Bless America.
Conservatives may be threatened by God Damn America, but know better and know God.

Liberals can go to college and have no class.
Conservatives may not all go to college, but still have class.

Liberals promise to provide and baby minorities but they won't fulfill their promises.
Conservatives tell folks to get up and help themselves, but will lend a hand when necessary.

Liberals abort their kids and want more folks to abort theirs also.
Conservatives are having more kids than liberals.

Conservatives don't like four letter words like Sh-t, F-ck, and C-ck.
Liberals don't like four letter words like Work, Soap, and Help.

There's just a few.....

Thanks Walton and Johnson.....


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