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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Webb's World: Reasoning With Terrorists?

Read this, great article by Tedd Webb.


Webb's World 07/27/05
By Tedd Webb

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I have several close friends who do not believe we are in any danger from terrorists. They do not buy into the theory that it’s “them against us”. Them being Islamo Fascists, and us being everyone else.

That seems to be the mindset of a lot of Liberals who feel “if we just examined ourselves, we would find out why they are angry”. They are angry because we are not Islamo Fascists. It’s that simple.

Check out Egypt, London, and the rest of the bombings around the world. One thing in common. A Radical Muslim was behind it. They even blow their own people up, if their people do not follow the bouncing ball.

It’s time to wake up, we are targets, we will be hit again. Until the entire planet unites in its efforts to curb this mindset, we will be in for a long haul.

Mohammed Atta’s father was quoted in Egypt last week as saying he is happy about the bombings in London, feels there should be and will be many more. He will not be happy until he sees the Islamic flag flying over England, France, America and the entire world. He also said this war could last 50 years.

Oh my, what will those calling Iraq a quagmire, call such a prolonged campaign? And that coming from the horse’s mouth, I don’t think many are ready for such a jaunt.

That’s how I see it!

God blessTeddy


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