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Friday, July 01, 2005

Not Nazis, But Liberators

OK, here's a try at some rhyming or poetry.....


Senator Durbin did slander our troops.
He rated them lower than poop.
Accusing our troops of numerous crimes,
more or less all of the time.

Our troops do not deserve this slander.
Look to our past and take a gander.
Our troops did not arbitrarily take lives,
rather laid it on the line for their kids and wives.

Since 1776, blood has been shed.
We've had over 2 Million dead.
They've fought from Lexington to Belleau Wood,
and did less evil but rather more good.

Suribachi, Saddam's Statue, wading to Omaha Beach,
to make sure freedom could gain its reach.
Our men were thinking not of money or glory,
rather they are part of a more important story.

It all started with the signing of a Declaration,
that set forth building our good nation.
Some may find it disturbing and odd,
that our founders and Minutemen prayed to God.

His shield has been with our men on carrier decks,
in B-17s, on marches, horseback, and other trecks.
The Lord was their Fortress and Shield,
many lives have since been yielded.

Now, the dead are cursed at, and the living troops spat at,
rating lower than a roach or sewer rat.
Mainly with the press and detractors of war,
how soon they are becoming a bore.

Their words cannot deminish our troops tasks,
no matter how they are painted in evil masks.
Instead MOST of us know the undeniable truth,
from every soldier named Smith, Minsky or Booth.

This Fourth of July we must recall,
that for the US to grow, many had to fall.
On beaches, in the skies over Europe, and deserts of Iraq;
our men did fend off evil's attacks.

Let us not take account of blood-spattered lies,
but rather think of our gals and guys.
Newsweek, MoveOn and others will eventually pass,
no doubt due to lack of humanity or class!

Bravo on this Fourth of July,
to our flags that will fly.
With pride and remembrance,
and enduring reverance.

Remember this on July Fourth,
that America is of much worth.
We're not perfect and we're still learning.
Not deaf to freedom-cries and the oppressed yearning.

God Bless our Land and its people,
Let The Truth flow between homes, towers and steeple.
God Bless America even in troubling tides,
since God has remained at our side.

Happy Fourth of July.


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