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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Student Gets F for writing about God

Don't send your kids to Victory Valley Community College, unless you are atheist, or pussified Christian poser.

A prof said to the student, "you might as well have written about the Easter Bunny." Nice to see the rabid hate-filled Commies are getting jobs. Shame they are ruining the teaching profession.


Of course, the University sticks to their teacher and said the student is to blame. BS. They've let rich kids cheat and get through. Honest kid goes out on a limb and talks about God, gets an F.

I bet saying Jesus Christ Our Lord and Saviour would get her expelled from that college and blacklisted by the wonderful state college system in Californication..... or Mexifornia or Marxistfornia or whatever that cesspool is now.

Here's a sample of the prof and his wiggling:

"We are very serious about this situation," VVC spokesman Bill Greulich told WorldNetDaily. "You have two rights in conflict – the right to believe in what you believe in, and academic freedom. We're going to take steps that are appropriate. We don't have all the facts yet."
Greulich says Hauf began the process to challenge her grade by meeting with the department chair, but did not continue up the chain of command in her recourse. He says she could still do that, appealing to the vice president, superintendent and president of the school.
Meanwhile, Hauf has contacted the American Center for Law & Justice, which sent a letter to Patricia Spencer, president of VVC.
Jay Sekulow, chief counsel for the ACLJ recounted in the letter what Shefchik wrote to Bethany when she was getting approval for her subject matter:
"I have one limiting factor – no mention of big 'G' gods, i.e., one, true god argumentation," Shefchik stated.
"He told me you might as well write about the Easter Bunny," Hauf told the Daily Press. "He wanted to censor the word God."

Shefchik has not been reached for comment, but Judy Solis, chair of the English department, says Hauf was given three options: submit the report with God included, make revisions and edit out the G-word, or rewrite the entire report.
"She continued to write her paper," Solis told the Press. "She knew what the consequences were."
Sekulow says Hauf should have had no ban on her freedom of speech or religious views in the assignment.
"Bethany's paper discusses some of the evidences supporting a hypothesis that, while the Constitution prohibits an established church, religion was essential to the founding of the Nation and to its governance thereafter," he writes.
"Her paper was not one written 'about God' per se. Nor was her paper inherently and necessarily religious. And, in keeping with the requirements of the assignment, it was assiduously supported with citations to authority and written objectively. Consequently, even if, in a country in which academic and constitutional freedoms are so highly prized, it could be constitutional to impose a topical ban on papers about big 'G' gods, it was sophomoric error to read Mrs. Hauf's research paper as falling within the prohibited zone."

Long talk for they tried to screw the kid. But.....

Despite the failing mark on the paper, Hauf passed the spring-semester course with a final grade of C.

they failed, she still passed. Whether she'll continue with the college Nazis is another matter......

Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion? Only if your speech agrees with the drugged out hippie prof, and your religion is NONE.


  • At 3:36 PM, Blogger Kevin said…

    Yea, thats bullshit. I would entirely fight that one to the top. There is no college in the world that should restrict your ability to include God in your paper, less the paper specifically require you to write about someone and writing about faith isn't terribly fair. All the same, because her paper was NOT about that, it is horribly unfair how it was handled and I hope that she gets it regraded as well as an apology from the university.

    I would like to add, however, that I am now positive that you don't actually read some of these articles.

    You said:
    "Long talk for they tried to screw the kid."

    She's a 34 year old woman - not a kid.

    I am concerned, as I have posted in the past, that you just read a quick blurb and assume the rest. ...should probably keep an eye on that for political blogging.

  • At 4:47 PM, Blogger NDwalters said…

    And blah blah blah blah.... Nitpicks little crap for the main points.

    Students are students, and professors have no call doing what this Marxist did.

  • At 6:52 PM, Blogger Kevin said…

    i didn't nitpick anything

    in fact, i entirely agreed with you. the situation probably frustrates someone like me more than someone like yourself.

    all the same, the comment was just a concern of you not getting all of the facts before posting your thoughts. in this case, the fact you missed was irrelevant, but in many stories you have posted, some facts you have missed have proved very relevant.


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