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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

How Screwed Up are British Kids

Well, from the land, where WWII was won by Denzel Washington, per their test results and essays, should we be suprised that the British are now raising some kids DUMB ENOUGH to believe Jesus is a superhero, ie fictional character beyond any belief?

Leave to the atheists to trash England and poison the minds of the youth. Where's the hemlock when you need it?


Jesus a Superhero to British Youth

Jesus Christ rates as a superhero to British youth ... but he barely edges out soccer star David Beckham and nursing legend Florence Nightingale.That's according to a poll conducted by 4Children, a charity group that sought the opinions of 2,000 eight- to 14-year-olds, just over half of whom were fenale, Britain's Telegraph newspaper reported. Asked what makes a superhero, 92 per cent say he or she would "stop bad things happening", 91 per cent say a superhero "is generally a good guy", and 90 per cent say they would "tell the truth". Among the other results
British youngsters are more interested in easing poverty and helping the environment than in making money, living without rules or having their soccer team win.
More than 60 percent said being rich was a good thing, but 80 percent chose "being me" and 74 per cent said "the Internet."
Villains were described as those who "tell lies" (88 percent), "only look after themselves" (87 percent), "let you down" (85 percent), are "generally bad guys" (85 percent), "kill people" (85 percent) and "cannot be trusted" (82 percent).
Only 42 percent said that villains took drugs. 90 percent wanted an end to hunger as their "change for an ideal world", while only 25 per cent saw having no restrictions or rules as the path to a better life.
Fully 86 per cent want to get rid of litter, 83 percent want to stop people from smoking, 72 percent want graffiti cleared up and 69 percent want a ban on alcohol and drugs.
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According to Anne Longfield, the chief executive of 4Children, "With the mass popularity of cause-related wristbands, and campaigns against war and poverty, children and young people are leading the way in social conscience."

Yeah Gods, Winston Churchill would be rolling over in his grave at the sad state of British Education.


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