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Thursday, June 30, 2005


Here's the article link:

I can't post too much of this leftwing moron's tripe, for my eyes bleed at this bloviating Bolshevik.

Although, there's time to RIP this punk a new one....

NEW YORK The darkness at ground zero just got a little darker. If there is anyone still clinging to the expectation that the Freedom Tower will become a monument of the highest American ideals, the current design should finally shake them out of that delusion.
Somber, oppressive and clumsily conceived, the project is a monument to a society that has turned its back on any notion of cultural openness. It is exactly the kind of nightmare that government officials repeatedly asserted would never happen here: an impregnable tower braced against the outside world.

Wow, make it like the Nazi Reichschancellory you ass! America is oppressive my butt! Were it not for the oppressive GIs of yesteryear and right now, you'd be speaking German or you'd be air pollution from der krematorium.

There's more from this embittered toad....

Unfortunately, the tower is too loaded with meaning to dismiss. For better or worse, it will be seen by the world as a chilling expression of how the United States is reshaping its identity in a post-Sept. 11 context.

Yeah, we're making it stronger as we are America, you spy.

The most radical design change is the creation of the base, which will house the building's lobby and mechanical systems. Designed to withstand a major bomb blast, the base will be virtually windowless. In an effort to animate its exterior facades, the architects have said they intend to decorate them in a grid of shimmering metal panels. A few narrow slots will be cut into the concrete to allow slivers of natural light into the lobby.

He prefers facade and appearance to practicality and safety. Thank God this schmuck did not design the old Towers. Those suckers would have fallen in 1 minute, not an hour and hour and a half.

But if this is a potentially fascinating work of architecture, it is, sadly, fascinating in the way that Albert Speer's architectural nightmares were fascinating - as expressions of the values of a particular time and era. The Freedom Tower embodies, in its way, a world shaped by fear.

And of course, Mr. Culture brings in yet another Nazi reference. Difference between the FREEDOM TOWER and REICHSCHANCELLORY. This one won't be shelled by the Soviets nor is it the seat of the Final Solution. The Tower is a center or commerce and symbol of rebuilding.....

What the tower evokes, by comparison, are ancient obelisks, blown up to a preposterous scale and clad in heavy sheaths of reinforced glass - an ideal symbol for an empire enthralled with its own power, and unaware that it is fading.

What Empire? Talk to the British and Russians about empires, you twerp!

This obsession with symbolism extends all the way up to the tower's spire. Childs has long been itching to reposition the original spire, which as Libeskind envisioned it had to be set at the edge of the tower to echo the outstretched arm of the Statue of Liberty.

And he slaps Lady Liberty in the face.....

All of this could be more easily forgiven if it were simply a result of bad design. But ground zero is not really being shaped by architects. It is being shaped by politicians.

I know, damn those political bastards! How dare they make a tower safe for us to work in and visit! How dare they rebuild in defiance to your terrorist buddies! Tell you what, how dare you waste oxygen that should be used by the likes of Todd Beamer, Captain Terry Hatton, and James Gartenberg, and the other 9/11 victims and loved ones.

Soon after the new security requirements were announced, it became clear that the entire building would have to be redesigned. That could have been seen as a last chance to repair what had become a confused master plan - one that had little connection, except in the minds of Libeskind and Governor George Pataki, to the original. Instead, the quality of the master plan has been sacrificed to the governor's insistence on preserving hollow symbolic gestures.

Hey why don't you blame Rudy Guiliani? Oh and Red Square was no less a hollow gesture, you sicken me!

Absurdly, if the Freedom Tower were reduced by a dozen or so stories and renamed, it would probably no longer be considered such a prime target. Fortifying it, in a sense, is an act of deflection.

Shut the f#ck up you moron! Any tall tower is a target and the newest biggest towers in NYC will be a prize for your kooky buddies. Don't go in it, since you hate it sooo much.

It announces to terrorists: Don't attack here - we're ready for you. Go next door.

Which you are welcome to do. Do not go in. And America, we are ready for the enemy outside as long as we keep an eye on the enemy within.

Cancer like Nicolai Ourousoff, will weaken and kill us......

Too bad for this scum, that the Towers WILL BE BUILT and will stand as a Memorial to the US, the victims of 9/11, and NYC.


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