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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Not all artwork is America Bashing

In response to recent American Bashers posing as artists, moderates and conservatives have responded with their own brand of artwork.


Patriotic Display Aims to Counter War Protest Art
Supporters of the war in Iraq are gathering patriotic artwork to counter the display of a what they consider an offensive painting in the building housing the state attorney general's office.The conservative group Move America Forward plans to display the artwork Thursday on the sidewalk in front of the building at 1300 I Street in downtown Sacramento.It's a response to a painting by Bay Area attorney Stephen Pearcy that shows a red-white-and-blue map of the U.S. in a toilet with the text "T'anks to Mr. Bush." Pearcy explained it was his way of expressing how the country, with the passage of the Patriot Act, was "going down the toilet."The painting is part of an exhibit by law professionals on display in the cafeteria of the building.Pearcy is no stranger to controversy. He raised the ire of many last spring when he hung the effigy of an American soldier at a house he owns in Land Park. The Move America Forward display is not the only response to the painting, however. Pearcy told News10 he has also hate mail via the Internet. Much of it was similar in tone to a message from an Illinois man, who graphically suggested Pearcy should be blindfolded and shot in the head."They don't like it on my private residence, they don't like it when it's in a public place," Pearcy said. "Seems to me they just don't like it, no matter where it is. They just don't want the message to be out there."Pearcy acknowledged he has also received a great deal of positive feedback for his protest art. He and some of his supporters plan to be outside the attorney general's office Thursday afternoon when Move America Forward offers its display of patriotic artwork.



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