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Friday, July 01, 2005

NBC Anchor Brian Williams compares US Founding Fathers to Iraqi Terrorists

That or he thinks the headcutters and vermin in turbans are Minutemen. This moron and Michael Moore must have the same stupid writer. NBC, I know you know more.....


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Williams' BS Explanation:

"What would it all matter if proven true? Someone brought up today: The first several U.S. presidents were certainly revolutionaries... and might have been called "terrorists" at the time by the BRITISH CROWN, after all..."
Today, apparently, on some radio talk shows and blogs, my friends in the media have accused me of labeling George Washington a terrorist. They apparently missed my point: That the BRITISH CROWN might have viewed American revolutionaries that way.My question — and specifically the line, "what would it all matter..." was meant to address the popular support within Iran for those who acted against the U.S. and are now in positions of power. Those of you who are regular readers of our blog know we spoke about this very issue yesterday in our afternoon editorial meeting.
All I ask is that people re-read what was said on the air. I've talked to several viewers today, and one conversation I actually enjoyed was with a woman from Virginia, who said, "These days, you just can't use the word TERRORIST for anything but a TERRORIST." And I take this nice woman's point about the power of words in our current climate.
While I insist that a re-reading of my question will prove that in no way was I calling the framers "terrorists" (for starters, the word did not exist 229 years ago), I regret that anyone thought that after a life spent reading and loving American history, I had suddenly changed my mind about the founders of our nation.

Moron boy is comparing George Washington, Patrick Henry, Gouvernor Morris, Benjamin Franklin and other PATRIOTS to the hostage killers and suicide bombers in Fallujah. Did this idiot graduate college?

Re-reading history. That's called revisionism.

Here's why the Founding Fathers WERE NOT Terrorists:

1. Separated from the British which were crushing OUR Rights, and did try to negotiate. Zarqawi and Mullah Al Sadr did not, they just killed.

2. We fought a revolution, freeing our land, from ungrateful authorities. I imagine you liberalweenies will say we're being evicted from Iraq, as we are unjust. Yeah, we shot how many in the Baghdad (boston) Massacre? None, that's right.

3. We wrote up our Declaration for freedom and respect of others. The terrorists want to drown us and any Iraqi opponents in an ocean of blood.

NBC, National Bolshevik Communists, what a shock they come up with such cockamamey BS.


  • At 1:21 PM, Blogger owdbob said…

    BRAIN Williams needs to be tied to a Anchor.

    Thank God He aint HANKS SON


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