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Monday, September 18, 2006


Here's a good example of tolerant Islam in London.

The mooselimb filth picket Westminister Catheadral as British worshippers go to Mass/Service on Sunday. Bet if non-Muslim brits picketed mosques you'd get more unfavorable media coveral.

Oh, and some evil nun got her just deserts, says the Religion of Peace......

These people are 7th Century Barbarians who have contributed nothing but numbers and coffee. Screw em. One of these days turn the other cheek, will turn to punch your face in. Just keep it up, mooselimbs.

Keep being civilized by......

Killing female rape victims, as honor killings, but never go after the male offender.
Ritual mutilation of the ladies private areas.
Firebombing churches and hacking parishners to death with swords and axes.
Killing your own less radical Muslims in Kirkuk with car bombs.
Demanding Israel be expunged from the face of the earth.
Demanding the Pope's head on a platter, over a speech quoting a historical perspective on the dangers of Islam.

You keep your civilization, so stop trying to ruin ours.


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