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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Anne Coulter: Never Compliment a Democrat

Here's the venerable Anne Coulter and some of her most recent words. I am waiting to see what she has to say about DeLay and the Sheehan-McCain shoutfest.....

Ann Coulter: Never Compliment a Democrat

Best selling author and conservative pundit Ann Coulter told Alan Colmes on the "Hannity and Colmes" show on Fox News last night that she meant it when she wrote in her book "How to Talk to a Liberal - If You Must," now out in paperback, that the rules for talking to a liberal forbid complimenting or showing graciousness to, or flattering a Democrat.
Colmes then told Coulter that Pat Tillman, the former pro football player who was killed in Afghanistan, was pro-John Kerry and against the war in Iraq. "You were quoted in the San Fransisco Chronicle yesterday" Colmes continued, saying that Tillman "was virtuous and pure, as only an American male can be. I wonder if you still would say those things" knowing he was a Democrat?
"No, but I don't believe it," she said. "I think you got that from one of those document that Mary Mapes (The producer of the bogus CBS News story on George W. Bush's Guard service) handed in to Dan Rather."
Sean Hannity then asked her about the story on her Web site, about the two Indiana firefighters volunteering to help the people of New Orleans who were sent by FEMA to an eight hour class on sexual harassment and equal opportunity, rather than straight to the Crescent City to aid residents.
Ann notes on her site, "Anyone who works for FEMA for more than two weeks is required to take training programs in 'awareness and prevention of sexual harassment,' 'equal rights officer orientation,' and 'valuing diversity.'"
She told Hannity it was just another case of "Welcome to the federal government.
"That's what we ought to be having hearings on. That's what I think [former FEMA boss] Michael Brown should have been asked about. I assume this applies to all federal agencies, which is why in general, conservatives don't want to federalize everything. This is what you get when you get FEMA."
Hannity said, I think you could do a whole book just on this topic!" No, Coulter disagreed, the diversity training before you can go and rescue people says it all.
Today on Fox News' "Dayside" program, Coulter commented on Tom Delay's indictment by a Texas grand jury, saying it is pure politics by prosecutor Ronnie Earle and is a perfect example of the need for her book because Liberals want Republicans outlawed, and they "would like to put us all in Guantanamo."



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    Coulter is more man than some of the RINOS we have in Congress, Bob. Voinovich, crybaby. That Oklahoma pansy during the Roberts hearings. McCain at times, albeit he did hold ground against Cindy Sheemale.

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    Yep she stands her ground, kicks ass and takes names.

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    and she has an Adam's Apple..........


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