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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Bill Mahrer Insults First Lady, Christopher Hitchens Slams Mahrer Back

Bravo to Christopher Hitchens, by no means a Bush backer, but not a stupid neophyte like Bill Mahrer.

Read what he and other bitter liberal George Carlin had to say.....

Bill Maher: Laura Bush Like 'Hitler's Dog'

HBO "Real Time" host Bill Maher compared first lady Laura Bush to "Hitler's dog" during his Friday night cablecast, after flashing a parody photo of Mrs. Bush with a black eye, as if she'd been a victim of domestic abuse.
After the photo display, Maher was challenged by guest panelist Christopher Hitchens, who told him: "It must be to [George Bush's] credit he got Laura Bush to marry him. She's an absolutely extraordinary woman."
To that, Maher replied: "Oh, come on. That's like Hitler's dog loved him. That is the silliest reason ..."
"I think tomorrow you might be sorry you said that. Laura Bush is very gentle and talented," Hitchens warned.
With that Maher retreated a bit, insisting: "That's not what I'm saying, of course she is. But the idea that we somehow humanize any person because somebody else loves them is ridiculous."
The outrageous exchange, reported exclusively by NewsMax contributor Steve Malzberg in his latest column, "Laura Bush and Hitler's Dog" wasn't the worst to come from Maher's show lately.
The week before, "Real Time" guest George Carlin announced that he had a pet name for former first lady Barbara Bush.
"The Silver D----e Bag, I call her," Carlin announced as Maher's audience erupted in laughter.
For more details on Bill Maher's noxious outburst, including the Hitchens quote that cut him down to size, go to



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