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Tuesday, June 21, 2005



Well, Howard Dean is on the OFFENSIVE yet again and is pretty odious at that. Dean maybe raising money now, but no doubt that will not get voters to endorse his radical ideals. Mr. Cheap Shot, Dr. Dickhead, or Howard The Quack, has NO SOLUTIONS. Ever. He's a doom and gloom paranoid fruit bat. Here's some of his "chunks" of wisdom, that are worth inspecting before flushing....

``It's a delight to be in state with two Democratic senators, 10 Democratic representatives and a governor who's never here,'' Dean joked.

Wow, what a shock the Democrats own Massachusetts. That's why many are fleeing the state, Jack Ass. The Kennedys run that state like gangland turf, so if anyone is shocked that Beantown is a Bolshevik Bastion, be not suprised. They've been this naive for decades. Also, the Governor, not your stupid puppet legislators has a tad more say in public life that DIRECTLY affects Massachusetts, than Ted Floater Kennedy or John Scarecrow Kerry. Ooooh! We're so scared Howard. Not as scared as the small children who shriek in horror when you talk.

Before Dean's ``Paint the Nation Blue'' fund-raiser at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel last night, the Massachusetts Republican party issued a news release with the headline, ``Sick of losing Gov's races, Dems turn to sworn Republican hater.''

Good luck painting the nation Blue, you ape! Sick of losing? Get used to it Howie, cause 2006 is gonna hurt, and 2008 will be murder! Again, no solutions, no mandate, therefore NO ELECTIONS for you guys!

Dean promised to escalate his attacks on the GOP despite the negative response to his controversial comments in recent weeks. His inflammatory statements have brought harsh rebukes from Republicans and generally tepid support if not outright criticism from fellow Democratic party leaders.

Keep it up Howie, we're still reeling in more people turned off by you, Screaming Queen Dean. Step it up? By all means, and we too can step it up.

Among the most controversial was when he referred to the Republican Party as ``pretty much a white, Christian party.''

Yeah, so were the Democrats at one time? And didn't the Donkeys breed most of the KKK back in the day? Didn't they leave us with two world wars to fight? Malaise in the 1980s. Yeah, your vision is so much better. Howard is a white male, but hardly a Christian. I guess telling off someone who cited the GOLDEN RULE, Love they Neighbor was a turn-off.

Here's how it went: "Well, Mr. Dean, if you are so much more inclusive and say Bush is a sacreligious hypocrite, how come you won't love President Bush as they fellow neighbor? Didn't God say love your enemies?" Dean: 'George Bush is NOT MY Neighbor, so get your head out of the sand. Christianity and all religious are a bunch of weaklings."

wow, the weaklings kicked your party's a$$, didn't we Howie?

``They say they want small government, but their government is just big enough to fit inside Terri Schiavo's bed in the nursing home,'' Dean said.

Yeah, and Howie would have loved to place a pillow over her head also. Too bad Michael beat her to the punch with legalized murder via Judge Greer and the puppets in the DNC, Death Party. For life and liberty my a$$. Way to gloat over Terri's death, you sick putz. That won't play out well in the Middle America or with most Americans.

Sickening man. Did he go to Medical School with Josef Mengele?

Unbowed by the criticism, Dean added, ``And as the head of the Democratic party, I will not be lectured about morals by (Texas Republican U.S. Rep.) Tom Delay and Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly.''

Yeah and you're such a paragon of morals. Howard loves slamming those who are only human. Prick. Enjoy reaping the whirlwind of defeat, Dr. Dick!


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