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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Why America is NOT a Bunch of Nazis

OK, recently Dick Durbin said that the US forces holding prisoners at Gitmo are a bunch of Nazis, and Stalinists.

OK, Dick, how are we Nazis?

Here's what he would say and why it is complete horseshit

Durbin: The US are Nazis, we suck!
Not really Dicksac Turban. See, we're a Democratic Republic, and no coup has taken place. There's no torchlight ceremonies or any of that. Also, we're not socialists like the Nazis were, Asshat!

The treatment of the prisoners is awful, it's like Auschwitz.
Yeah, we have electrified fences and killer guard dogs that are claiming SO MANY lives. I count none dead at Gitmo. And about 2 Million 500 thousand at Auschwitz, you liberal yard ape. Also, there's no Arbeit Macht Frei on the Gates or "doctors" experimenting on little brown twins making zem Aryan. Scheissekopf.

Well, maybe the gulags.....
NO A$$HOLE! The Gulags were in Siberia for one thing, and the guards let prisoners die and murdered their captives. WE DO NOT. Our guards keep people alive, unless they try and kill others. No "suicides" here, pal, unlike the fencelines in Siberia and in Nazi-occupied Poland.

Conditions are terrible!
The prisoners have Air Conditioning, a comfy bed, clean linens, that's better than most hotels. They get 3 square meals a day, exercise time, and can pray to Mecca 5 times a day. In the Nazi and Stalin camps, they made about 10 guys share a 3 level bunk, and some on the floor. 1 meal a day, if that. No AC or heat. And prayed to God that the guards would not kill or torture them. And there's no American Doctor looking for twins to inject dye into their eyes or skin to whiten. Sorry, no Josef Mengeles here, $HITHEAD! Hello, tvins, vere are ju?

Where's your compassion?
Where's your COMPASSION for the prisoners they have beheaded and mutilated, you A$$ Clown? How about the dead on 9/11? The USS Cole? Beirut Embassy and Barracks, Pan Am 103? Don't they deserve more attention than their killers? Not in your eyes, you miserable sack of baby sh$t!

Try and defend Dick Dubrin, and in fact prove we are currently a bunch of SS Death's Head Guards. If you can't, kindly shut the fuck up and stop slamming the guys giving you the right to be assholes!

Were it not for our "Nazi" troops, you'd be f#cking air pollution over Poland! Forget America The Beautiful, try waking up to the Horst Wessel Song! F#ck Dick Durbin! And Fuck everyone who agrees with him and does not express an inkling of outrage at his AIDE and COMPASSION to the enemy.

Trent Lott got scourged for A LOT Less than this, and Durbin is being exhalted by you liberal sacks of $hit!

Go ahead, defend this moron's rhetoric, and inaccuracy as ANYTHING BUT Treason.


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