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Monday, June 20, 2005

Gee Who Do YOU Believe?

Well, Reuters says Bush must fight to regain America's confidence. America's or those polled by the liberal's confidence? Read this rag and go from there:

With his job approval rating slumping to 42 percent in a poll by The New York Times and CBS News, down from 51 percent in the aftermath of the November election.

The NY Times, Ooooh! Yeah, let's take the word of the plagarists like Jayson Blair, and the dominant so-called columnists like Maureen Dowd. CBS, is on this poll? Bwahahahahaha! That's even more credibility into crap. CBS faked the memos against Bush, and did all manner of lying. Sorry while I don't take what a bunch of New Yorkers say as representative of all of America. I just think when you poll, you do it outside of cities or target liberal hot zones. You know free of the deadly viruses and mental disorders of the left. Do it in a clinical setting, boys.

Bush has begun an effort to refocus his presidency -- a move welcomed by anxious Republicans.
"I think Bush is in the process of regaining his footing, and focusing on real dinner-table issues," Republican consultant Scott Reed said.

Well, no sh#t Scottie! Durh, you think so? Hurhurhurhurhhhhh...... Yeah, Reagan had to do the same thing when he got re-elected in 1984. As did, Liberal Beacon of Light, Bill Clinton. Well, the honeymoon is over, down to business, Mr. President. Just stay focused, and screw any distractions.....

Bush began his second term in January with an ambitious plan to overhaul the
Social Security retirement program but it has failed to gain traction on Capitol Hill and many Americans are skeptical.

Yeah, I'm sure Social Security fears were not manufactured by old farts like Ted Kennedy or Robert Byrd. And don't those guys have, I dunno a few million between them? It's elective social security accounts, ELECTIVE, let them choose, you socialist pricks! And yeah, keep letting MoveOn crank out commercials of old people in factories. Leftwing retards!

At the same time, he got caught up -- some Republicans say sidetracked -- in a battle on Capitol Hill over whether a brain-damaged Florida woman, Terri Schiavo, should be kept alive.

Nice, how the Democrats voted AGAINST Terri being allowed to live. For life and liberty my ass. Yes the President acted for someone's life. But the nice enlightened judges euthanized her. And we're called the Nazis.

Then came a fight in the Senate over arcane rules about filibusters involving Bush's judicial nominees, and a protracted fight over his nominee to become U.S. ambassador to the
United Nations, John Bolton.

All held up by the Dumascraps, and egged on by RINOs and other turncoats in the conservative ranks.

Some Republicans believe those issues proved to be a distraction from Bush's agenda and showed he was out of touch.

You guys think John McCain, Arlen Spector, and George Voinovich are Republicans? What crack have you been smoking?

The Iraqi insurgency also intensified, with increasingly brazen suicide bomb attacks

Thank you Newsweek with the Quran story, and Democrats like Dick Durbin calling our troops Nazis.

despite Vice President
Dick Cheney's bold assertion the rebellion was in its "last throes."

Get patient, WWII took a few years to stop, and several years of rebuilding and pacification. You libs have less attention than a kid at a petting zoo.

At home, soaring gasoline prices took a bigger bite out of household budgets.

Gas is up due to summer and our "Arab" buddies. Homes were inching up, you know interest rates, charge more when making more. The economy, Greenspan. Hell, I give up.

Trust me, there's more. Click on the link and have fun with Pelosi and others' comments.

Let's just say that the Prez is back on track, no thanks to whiners, wife-killers, fillibusters, and yellow journalists. Yeah, quelling those fires were important.

Do you guys think tossing another thing for the President to juggle is going to help America any? Do you really wanna see him succeed or just want him to fail?

I think, you guys pray for failure, even if it hoses over America. That will get you NO new votes.


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    Let's take all of the oil. Fuck the WTO, U.N,, Hugo, and the rest of the PUSSYs. We run the EARTH.
    CHINA sucks up most of the OIL anyway.

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