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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Don Imus Non-story

OK, not that I am a fan of Don Imus, but what's the frickin hoopla over nappy headed hos? Hasn't that been voiced over and over and over again on most rap and MTV shit? When did everyone get so up in arms?

First off, Don Imus was a tactless boob for what he said. There, he was in the wrong.
Second, he deserves suspension, but is now being fired. How can his ratings get any lower, since his show is usually fighting for dead last place with Air America on the airwaves? But, he's now canned, says MSNBC. Wow, I guess liberals do eat their own.
Third, this is being stoked for more than it is by hypocrites like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. Sharpton and Jackson are such moral authorities on race and tolerance. Anyone remember the Crown Heights Riots or Tawana Brawley or hymietown? No? Of course not, the media buried those. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson can both shut it now and for all eternity.

The Rutgers Ladies Basketball Team though offended, is now claiming mental scars for the rest of their lives....Did your lawyer coach you good or what? What kind of contingency is that ambulance chaser going for? How can anyone take nappy headed ho and then say they had nightmares of slavery and human bondage? You're still in college! You don't know what you wanna do with your life, but you're now a judge on metaphors and alliteration? Go back to English class. And tell that lawyer to STFU. You were hurt, it sucked, but don't milk this.

Next, apply, the standard evenly or don't do it at all. You media types slammed Imus, and Mel Gibson, and others. They screwed the pooch, yeah, they got their comeuppance. However, these non-stories are all over the place. And no one dares ask why it's OK for some hoodlum role-model to us n-gga or ho or bitch, but anyone else does and they're a biggot. Who's worse? The idiot who slips up and doesn't normally say that crap OR the idiot perpetuating stereotypes of his own ethnicity on others? Be the judge.

Treat bigotry the same or just shut up, suck it up, and deal with it later.

There's more important stories for you bobbleheads to cover, like American Idol and Dancing With the Stars, but not Iran, the illegals invasion, and the f-up known as Iraq. F-up because we didn't hit hard enough. F-up because the President didn't let the military do their job. F-up because the same DC twerps who screwed Vietnam, thought they could win on their time table. They didn't learn from WWII or Korea or Vietnam. So, when we don't learn, we repeat history.

There, rant over.


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