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Friday, August 05, 2005

Roberts Helped out Gays in Past

Now, before some of the hardcore get mad, let me say this. While I am no proponent of the lifestyle, I must say Roberts is right on this. You cannot fire someone for what they do in private. When the private life takes away from work or harms others, that's a different matter. Roberts merely helped those who helped those fired for unjust pretext.

Read more:

Supreme Court nominee John Roberts donated his time to work behind the scenes for gay rights activists – and helped win a decision that's been hailed as the "single most important positive ruling" for the gay rights movement.Roberts was a lawyer specializing in appellate work in 1995 when he agreed to help represent the gay rights activists as part of his law firm's pro bono work. He did not argue the case before the Supreme Court, but he was instrumental in reviewing filings and preparing oral arguments, according to a report in the Los Angeles Times.
"Roberts' work on behalf of gay rights activists, whose cause is anathema to many conservatives, appears to illustrate his allegiance to the credo of the legal profession: to zealously represent the interests of the client, whoever it might be," the newspaper reports.
Walter A. Smith, then head of the pro bono department at Roberts' law firm, Hogan & Hartson, asked for Roberts' help on the case and he agreed immediately. "It's illustrative of his open-mindedness, his fair-mindedness," said Smith. "He did a brilliant job."
The case before the Supreme Court, Romer vs. Evans, dealt with a voter-approved 1992 Colorado initiative that would have allowed employers and landlords to exclude gays from jobs and housing.
A 6-3 ruling striking down the initiative was handed down in May 1996.
Jean Dubofsky, lead lawyer for the gay rights activists, said Roberts' work in the case was "absolutely crucial."
And Suzanne B. Goldberg, a lawyer with Lambda, a legal services group for gays and lesbians, called the Supreme Court ruling the "single most important positive ruling in the history of the gay rights movement."
Antonin Scalia – who was joined in his dissent by Clarence Thomas and William H. Rehnquist – said: "Coloradans are entitled to be hostile toward homosexual conduct."
Roberts did not mention the case in his 67-page response to a Senate Judiciary Committee questionnaire that was released Tuesday.

Well, I can hear Ann Coulter getting mad at this guy. Sorry, Ann, he was doing his legal job for his client. Roberts is a conservative and fair minded guy for standing up clients, who may not be like him. I doubt he thought years ago that he should take the case to polish his plaque. Nope, just a jurist doing his darndest.


  • At 5:28 PM, Blogger LaRayaAsul said…

    Trust Bush - He wouldn't nominate anyone that wouldn't be a hard right activist judge - I'm sure Roberts will work to get all abortions illegal (even if a monkey escapes from the zoo and rapes a 12 year old, turn back business regulations to the dawn of the industrial revolution, and abolish the New Deal - Have faith in the neo-conservative movement. We have already made great progress. Hiel Bush!

  • At 5:53 PM, Blogger NDwalters said…

    Qviet, you moron. Vait und ve vill send ze Gestapo. It's Heil, you uneducated clod.

  • At 6:18 PM, Blogger LaRayaAsul said…

    Sind sie wie gebildet?
    Combien instruite este-vous?
    Como edicato es usted?

    ¿es usted cerebro muerto?


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