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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Boy Scouts and Hamas are Equals, says San Fransicko Lib

WTF is this creature smoking???

Read and see:

Editor -- Yes, it is disturbing that Palestinian children are being taught to chant "Rifle fire! Raise it up!" in Hamas summer camps.
But, hey, we've got militaristic chants going in this country for our kiddies, too. On Sunday, President Bush met with the Boy Scouts, a gathering of 50,000, at their National Jamboree at an Army base in Virginia. Among other things, he went on about patriotism and military service.
Bush's audience had been warmed up by a man wearing an Army T-shirt who, as balloons with military emblems floated about, led the children in chants of "OO-rah" and "U.S.A.!"
Looks like we've got some of our own sun, fun and indoctrination.
San Francisco

Well geez Judith, you stupid liberal bitch, I guess you got us. As a former Boy Scout, lemme clue you in. At Scout Camp, we didn't learn DEATH TO THE JEWS as a song! We didn't learn how to blow up buses, restaraunts, cars, and all that! We didn't learn how to shoot down planes! What the freak are you smoking?

Judith, you hate America and all things about it. I pray you get swallowed up in the next earthquake, you disgusting liberal whore. Where the freak do you get off comparing the Scouts to Hamas Kids Camp? Hamas is more in line with the Hitler Youth, since both taught how to hate and kill Jews.

Go to hell, Judith.

Or go to Hamas camp and be den mother for those falafel chewing, humus sucking, hashish smoking little terrorists. You can Ka-Boom Allah, KaBoom Allah!(to tune of Kumbaya)

Well, this is what CALIFORNIA stands for.

But, remember, let's not question her patriotism. Stupid liberals.....


  • At 1:01 PM, Blogger leftcoastmark said…

    Thank God most of California isn't smoking the same s*%t! Most of our LLL (Leftwing Liberal Loon) croud has retreated to Frisco, Sacramento, Hollywierd, and LAlaland leaving the rest of the state for people with more than two brain cells to rub together.

  • At 3:26 PM, Blogger NDwalters said…

    Mark, are you guys East of the San Andreas Fault? I saw SUPERMAN last night and got inspired. Not kill anyone, but make a quake split looney land off from the normal California. They can then be an island unto themselves. A blessing for everyone concerned.


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