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Monday, August 01, 2005

They Know They Cannot Be Bribed

As usual, the DNC is losing its grasp on a large ethnic group. First, they had the Irish, and lost them by the 1960s, after Kennedy died and liberals were for certain things that did not jive with their Catholic backgrounds. Jews were a DNC powerhouse, until the likes of Kissinger and Wolfowitz came along, and the birth of Israel. GOP stands more in line with Israel and conservative Jewish teaching than the DNC and it's Feinsteins and Boxers. Now, the Latinos are setting to vote conservative. Why?

Well, read and see.....

Hispanics Shifting to GOP
Hispanics in the U.S. are increasingly taking part in civic life – last year 9 million Hispanics voted in the presidential election, up from 6 million only four years earlier.
And nearly half of them voted for Republicans.
"Hispanics do not align with either political party," according to a new report by the Hispanic American Center for Economic Research.
"The Democratic Party has not been able to retain a solid majority of Hispanics, and according to the polls, the Republican Party obtained around 45 percent of the Hispanic vote in the last presidential election, versus just 35 percent in 2000."
One reason behind the shift to Republicans is that the GOP is seen by Hispanics as more conducive to easing their access to a prosperous life as middle-class Americans, author Jose Maria Marco writes in the report.
"Hispanics do not immigrate to the United States to enjoy the services of the welfare state," he declared.
"They come so that their children may have a decent future, to buy a house, and to be entrepreneurs in a system that encourages free enterprise. Moreover, they are drawn by lower taxes, simpler regulations, a judicial system that functions, and a more competent public education system."
But some observers worry that Hispanics - who now number more than 40 million and make up one-seventh of the U.S. population – face unique difficulties in assimilating into American society as a whole.
For one thing, the Hispanic population tends to be concentrated in a few geographical areas - Texas, Southern California, Florida, New York and Illinois.
Secondly, while most immigrants learn English and speak Spanish only at home, a significant portion can live in the U.S. without ever having to learn English.
"It is certain that by its number, its geographic concentration and its individual attachment to its native language, the Hispanic population presents specific difficulties," the report concludes.
"But … fortunately, most Hispanics that immigrate to the U.S. do so because they believe in the universal principles in which American culture is based."



  • At 9:53 PM, Blogger Ben said…

    yay, that's about all I have to say.

  • At 3:30 PM, Blogger NDwalters said…

    Wonder why others don't get the message? The message being: The Democraps don't CARE about you! They're using you like the Tammany Hall did the Irish! The alderman did the Italians and Jews. And of course, the so-called Civil Rights types did the blacks and Hispanics. Nice seeing how the DNC had their Senators fillibuster ALL OF THE CIVIL RIGHTS ACTS ever!


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