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Friday, July 08, 2005

Difference Between Us and the Terrorists

Well, recently, as you know London, UK, was savagely attacked yesterday. Some folks think England asked for it, when going into Iraq. England went in of it's own free will, but that's not important to the gloaters of death. They then ask, 'Well, what's the difference between us and them? I see none! I see Christian freaks and monsters on one side and Muslim haters on the other. They deserve to blow up eachother!' Of course, this is your typical liberal. And they need explanations with small words.

Here's a good difference between THEM, the terrorists, and US the Good Guys:

1. The terrorists get all of their inspiration from killing and bombing from a Mullah, a preacher of Islam. US, we get our inspiration to defend and try not to kill from the Bible, Torah, and yes Koran for you good Muslims.

2. Lemme quote General Norman Schwarzkopf: "During The Gulf War, our troops went to extraordinary lengths, even endangering their lives. These BASTARDS, on the other hand, intentionally target civilians!" Good summary General, and accurate to boot.

3. Americans interrogate prisoners and give medical care to the wounded. The Islamofascists on the other hand, well they behead and torture prisoners, and execute the wounded.

4. Our troops try to observe The Geneva Convention, Hague Convention, and other treaties. The terrorists observe NONE of the treaties, and in fact follow the Wahabi Rules of their version of the Quran. KILL KILL KILL.

5. The good guys rebuild buildings, and contribute to civilization. The terrorists ram airliners into crowded office buildings and the folks they kill takes FROM civilization.

6. We believe women deserve equal rights and opportunities. The Taliban and other militants cow their women into veils, and execute any who protest them.

7. We rescue. They kidnap.

8. We pray to God for life and protection against evil, and that few may have to die. They pray to their version of Allah and pray for death and to kill as many Christians, Jews, and moderate Muslim infidels as they can.

9. We live in the 21st Century, they live in the 10th Century.

10. We believe in spreading freedom and democracy and freedom of religion. The others believe in spreading fear, convert to Islam at gunpoint, and want to remove all other non-Islamic religions.

Do we need to rattle off more differences, or are we CLEAR on this yet?


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